So this happened yesterday!! Trigger warning!

I had no idea!!! Absolutely none!

I’ve been in London all week on a really busy 4 day training, I started to feel a bit sick in the evenings, but just put it down to being tired and all the travelling I was doing and the fact I hate being away from home!

Then Wednesday night I took off my bra and the discomfort was awful, and has been ever since!! But then Thursday morning my CM was a lot! Which was unusual for me. So Friday morning I was due to start taking my nortistherone tablets again to bring on my period.. so though I’ll just do a test just incase. Bought a cheapy test and wam instantly two lines!!! So I sat at work all day panicking that I’d taken the previous weeks nortistherone whilst pregnant and not knowing! I’d also been lifting my heavy suitcase around London and on trains!! My mind was crazy!

I then got a clearblue test and low and behold here we are!!

I literally have no idea how this has happened! Today would have been cd 91! So even my consultant was like this is a surprise!!!

I even had to check my photos this morning when I woke up to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!!!

Plus I have no idea when we conceived or how far along we are.. my last period was August!!!! But I know I’m not 4 months pregnant! I had a laparoscopy in September and nothing was there then!!

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  • Wow what a fab surprise! Congratulations! Xx

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi LexiiH17. Best to book a scan and see how far pregnant you are. Congratulations! Diane

  • Yeh will see what the midwife says tomorrow x

  • Brilliant! You must be so excited! Diane

  • Not really sure!! More nervous at the moment and apprehensive of getting excited

  • Oh bless you. Fingers crossed, and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you 😊

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