Brilliant news today. Last cycle of icsi for my daughter was cancelled due to her not responding to treatment. On her baseline scan she had no follicles and then only got 2 not so good ones taking gonal f. After looking at your posts about acupuncture, me n her dad paid for her to go twice a week. Well today she has been for her baseline scan and she has 6 follicles. We are all so happy. What a result. Gone from nothing to 6. Money well spent. Let’s hope with upping her gonal f dose, even more grow. Happy mummy xxxx

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  • That is brilliant news, so pleased for you all. I’m a great believer in Acupunture and definitely thinks it helps with stress to. Wishing her lots of luck x

  • Well it’s certainly done something because as I said, there were nothing in her baseline scan before

  • That’s great news, I have had acupuncture on and off for various things for about 15 years, I am a big believer in it!

  • I’m so glad I looked into it after seeing posts on this site. She has started her injections now so fingers crossed it works . Hopefully we will have a great Christmas xx

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