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Ivf what days in the cycle do you start with folicle stimulating drugs long protocol


I had treatment done using Menopur and the medical team started me on the drugs on day 11 of my cycle. Then by the time I had took it for 10 days I was on day 21 of my cycle.

Then they told me my body had reobsorbed the folicles.

I was so upset I can not believe what has happened.

please give me yoir experience

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My understanding is: If you’re on long protocol then the down regulation drugs basically take you outside of a “cycle”. So it doesn’t matter what day you start stims. It does sound as though maybe they didn’t scan you enough though, if your follicles disappeared. My clinic scan every other day after day six of stims, to check what’s going on.

Please don’t give up, there are other drug options and hopefully you will have a follow up appointment where they will tell you more about what went wrong this time.

Good luck x

I had the down regulation drugs Buserlin from day 21 of my last period, then I bleed and then should have started the stimulating drugs on day 2 or 3 which is my understanding from reading? Am I correct or wrong?

emmab178 in reply to godsbaby

Once you start DR then your cycle is broken so try not to think of it as set when to start stims.

After the bleed on DR the clinic scan you to check the lining. At that point they’ve turned the ovaries off so you shouldn’t have any follicles on that scan. Once the lining is low enough you can start stims. Some people take longer to DR than others.

Second this: it doesn’t matter what day they start your stims once you are down regulated. This isn’t the reason your follicles reabsorbed. I had an extra week of DR last time to allow for an additional trial embryo transfer and so I started stims ten days after my DR bleed started, and that was fine. You really need a follow up appointment to find out more about what went wrong.

Thank you, what is a trial embryo transfer

They just checked they would be able to do an embryo transfer by doing a pretend one whilst I was down regulating. It’s standard practice at my clinic.

What clinic are you at? Also what day did they start to scan you once you started the folical stimulating drugs

Scan from day six at my clinic x

I started on day two of my cycle with menopur. But the doctor kept scanning every 3 days to check the progress of the follicles .....I think the hospital should monitored you more ......

Thank you so much, I was given menopur on day 11 and the scans were carried out after 7 days and then the scans got messed up. and i ovulated . I have put in a complaint as the medical team would not clear answer my question. Now my gp who referred me to that clinic said as I have moved address I need to find a G.p Near my address I have not moved for 13 years still at the same address

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