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IVF and new job

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Hi guys, I need ure advice.

I’ve been offered a new job. One that suits me perfect (it’s been along time coming) but I start at exactly the same time I start my down reg injections..... so right at the beginning of treatment. How much time off will I need? Any idea? I really don’t want to tell my new employer that I’m having IVF because they’ll regret employing me.... especially if I do become pregnant. But I don’t wanna turn down a great opportunity. Help!!!!!

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Could you delay your start date by a couple of weeks, it might make it a little easier? X

I can’t really because I will still be in the thick of it would I? I work a months notice and start new job at 1st start of ivf. I’d have to start two months late but they wouldn’t accept that I don’t think.

It depends on your Clinic and their appointments. I needed a scan when I started my cycle, then 5 days later, then every one day until egg collection. But some of my appts were early morning so I just went straight to work after, but some were middle of the day so had to take the day off. Xx

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Stephiex in reply to MrsR1988

Wow that is a lot of time away from work isn’t it! And that’s even before egg collection. Blimey I don’t know what to do!! Xx

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MrsR1988 in reply to Stephiex

It is a lot but like I say it depends on your appts and where your Clinic is. My Clinic is 1hr30mins away from my work so I used to try and get 8/9am appts and then be in work for 11.30. It’s a lot of time but it’s over after about 2 weeks. You’ll need a day off for egg collection and a day or two once they go back in xx

My clinic provided an example treatment plan which showed on what days the the treatment things could happen.

Ask them what the earliest and latest time is that they do scans so that you can see if you could make it to work on time or go after work.

I booked time off from egg collection to around test day on a couple of the cycles, but one I only had a week off after collection as I’d run out of leave.

I guess you just need to assess if you will be stressed in the two week wait at work/not be able to take it easy. It depends on what your job is?...

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Stephiex in reply to Hollibob

I have my nurse appointment on Monday so I will ask her how much time off I will need. I’ll know more on Monday. It’s just a office job. Xx

Hi Stephiex,

At the end of the day, only you can make the best decision for you. Having said that, I work in HR and legally your new employer can do nothing, and when it comes to the regret side of things, they wouldn’t have offered you the job if you weren’t great, so waiting a little longer or covering your maternity will be worth having you as part of the team.

My advise is, scary as it is, be honest and tell them if it means you need the time off. If they are an employer worth having you then they will understand and support you.

If the worst happens, and IVF doesn’t go to plan, you will have the job that is perfect for you.

I can only speak from my own circumstances where I have been putting my life on hold for “great maternity pay” which has meant years in a job I don’t enjoy. At the end of the day, I know you will make the best decision for you. Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

I know it all depends on distances and we chose a clinic simply because it was 10 mins walk from my work, but I didn't need a single day off throughout treatment not even for egg collection as we were lucky this fell on a Saturday. Transfer was then done during my lunch break and I was back at my desk 20 mins later!

So many of us put our own lives on hold especially in terms of career. In the end I took a new job after my daughter was born (took her to the interview when she was 4 weeks old!) and started back a lot sooner than I was planning to but I don't think I've ever been happier. If this job is perfect for you I'm sure it will all work out x

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Stephiex in reply to Cyantist

Thank you so much for your advice. You are right. I can’t put my life on hold for something that may not happen! I’ll just tak each day as it comes! We are only 20 min drive away from the clinic so not to bad xx


I didn't find the process of ivf affected work much at all other than the appointments. I actually had my transfer done on a Saturday. If you could delay your start by 2 weeks it would help though. Congrats on the job offer!xx

However, I forgot that I was really poorly after egg collection....

I was in a similar position. You have to choose which really means the most right now. You will need a lot of time off for appointments and some of which will be every other day. If you plan not to tell your new employer it is going to be hard. You need to also remember that your mind will not be on your work during treatment. Do you really want a new employer to have a bad first impression? Good luck whatever you choose x

My employer has a policy for women having ivf or fertility treatments saying you get 5 days paid leave for it. I don’t know how common that is but I didn’t realise until I told them. I hope it works out X

This is a hard one! Like others have said, maybe speak to your clinic and find out possible scan times etc

They might do early mornings or early evenings x

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