Doctor has prescribed Cyclizine - anyone taken it?

Hello everyone,

Hope your all well. I've been to the doctors this morning as my sickness is out of control some days! Especially when I'm working where I can be sick 15+ times. At home I'm sick between 4-6 times daily.

Anyway I've been signed off for 2 weeks to rest and hopefully gain some weight (I've lost 5lbs). She checked my urine and said I'm a little dehydrated but nothing too concerning. She's also prescribed me cyclizine. Anyone tried this?

I'm not hopeful that they'll work because I don't have nausea I just vomit but it's worth a try!


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  • Never had it but really hope it helps you I remember with my daughter I was sick all the time it was awful I wasn't as, bad as you though. Glad you've been signed off for 2 week. Xx

  • Thank you, really hope they help but 2 weeks off just to rest will be helpful as I'm feeling so drained!

    They do say your sick more with girls! So I've read anyway!

    Good luck again for today. What time is your scan? Xxx

  • I know they do don't they I remember my mum and grandma convinced I was having a girl they was right. Rest is what you need especially with the way things are with you. Bless ya.

    It's at 1.30 I'm last in clinic thanks again. 💗🤗😘

  • Will be thinking of you and looking out for your upcoming date 🍀🤞🙏 xxx

  • Thanks hun. Hope your meds help. Take I easy 💗🤗😘

  • That was meant to say update! Silly predictive text 😂 Xxx

  • I didn't even realize I would have known what you meant bless ya. Mine turned into another language other day Spanish it was so annoying things like periodo was coming up 😅. Xx

  • 😂😂 xxx

  • Hey, glad you got signed off. Hopefully some rest will help and each day you’re easing toward the 2nd trimester when things should start to ease up, hopefully.

    I’ve read cyclizine is safe for pregnancy and effective so hopefully it will do the trick even though you don’t get the nausea. Xx

  • Thank you. I'm really glad I was signed off too, I was finding work quite a challenge especially as people don't know! Hopefully the rest will do me good and the medication might help settle down the sickness at least xxx

  • I was on this I had constant nausea throughout my pregnancy. Vomiting in the early weeks then nausea every day. I did help but not always plus could only take in the evening as made me really drowsy. I had a girl so don’t know if there’s any truth in girls making you sick but my little bean did. But it’s safe during pregnancy I hope it helps.

  • Thank you. Funnily when I took it I did feel a bit light headed and drowsy. Hopefully it'll help, even to just control it more xxx

  • Yes, I had it on drip in hospital then tablets thereafter, - I had HG, was so very sick and badly dehydrated.

    Cyclizine knocked me out, because it's actually like the old first generation (drowsy causing) into histamines.

    It is safe (although the manufacturer doesn't say so but it is commonly prescribed for HG).

    My son is fine and I was drip fed it, because my sickness was so severe.

    Rest well, I found my sickness started to ease at about 16 weeks and it resurfaced after that more like normal morning sickness, with sickness at certain smells, food and when tired, but the severity was not as bad - so this won't last forever. You should definitely not be working when feeling so unwell. Rest up

    Are you vomiting when you have no fluid or food left to vomit?

  • Thank you for the reply and so pleased to see that these helped.

    I have vomited bile a couple of times, but not recently.

    Doctor advised me to start with 3 tablets daily but as I'm sick she advised I take them apart so I took one morning, one afternoon and on in the evening. I was sick after my evening meal but I guess the tablets will take a few days to build up in my system.

    I was worried I was really dehydrated as my tongue is quite dry and I have to spit constantly with the saliva I produce but the doctor did check and said I'm only slightly dehydrated. Trying my best to keep hydrated but nothing tastes good 😩 Xxx

  • Yes it’s what I’m on. I’ve been taking it since 10 weeks and I’m now 35 weeks and it has saved me. I was in hospital dehydrated with hypermesis and these tablets really worked for me.

  • Thank you. I'm glad to see they work and really hope they'll be the same for me. The doctor didn't actually say to me that she thought I had hyperemesis gravidarum but when I googled it I did think I'm sure I've got this. Maybe not at its most severe but a slightly milder form xxx

  • I pray for you that you don’t. It’s horrible. I’ve never felt so crap. But I know she will be well worth it all. I have 5 weeks of pregnancy left and I hope the sickness passes quickly after I’ve given birth. Don’t be afraid of taking the tablets they can’t do any harm. They can only do good

  • Not long until your baby girl will be in your arms 🙂 My friend said all her pregnancy symptoms disappeared the minute she gave birth so I hope it'll be the same for you xxx

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