Full bladder disaster!

Hey ladies just had my ET on a very full bladder. I was kept waiting for a while and literally wet myself. I managed to hold some wee back and the doctor was able to do the transfer on a full bladder. But straight after she told me to wait five minutes before going to the toilet. I couldn’t hold it any longer so went to the toilet after about three minutes. I’m just hoping I didn’t get rid of my embryo by going to the toilet too early. Anyone had similar experience ?

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  • I very much doubt anything will have happened to the embryo xxx

  • Agree with Fredaflintstone,

    My clinic allow you to pee straight after transfer. They said the embryo is safely tucked where it should be and absolutely no chance of it coming out when you go to the toilet xxx

  • How uncomfortable for you 😯 I’m always allowed to pee straight afterwards; three transfers and two bfps. You won’t have done your embryo any harm xx

  • Thank you so much ladies for reassurance . 😄

  • I agree with the others, I’ve always been allowed to wee after all 4 transfers. They even said to me don’t worry it won’t fall out lol good luck xx

  • Lol thanks .

  • Happened to me today. I asked and they said I could pee immediately. I held onto my full bladder for two hours waiting for transfer and I could not hold anymore. They have me permission to pee. I don’t think they would have if it would endanger the embryo

  • All the best for the two week wait. ! I had two embryos transferred.

  • Same thing happened to me today! I was told to wait 10 minutes in my little room but after suffering during the procedure (not with pain, but having to GO!), I couldn't wait the whole time. Luckily the baby doesn't live in our bladders :)

  • Omg it was same with me , so difficult to hold and i even didnot wait for 3 mins . I went straight toilet after ET but everything is fine and now i am 11 weeks pregg 🙂

  • I was kept waiting for 40 mins past when I was meant to go in... I ended up going to the toilet 3 times during the wait to let a little bit out, whilst I was waiting, so that I didn’t get to bursting uncomfortable. I’m aware that not everyone can go to the toilet and not let it all go though, so you’d have to know you’ll be able to stop it 🤣

    Someone once posted that it would be like putting a grain of sugar in the middle of a peanut butter sandwich, when you lift the sandwich upright, no way is the grain of sugar going to fall out xx

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