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Baby's slow heart beat!

I'm 6 week pregnant, found out very early on. 2 week ago i started to bleed a brownish discharge at first. Went to the Hospital who examined me & booked me in for a scan 3 days later! Went and the baby is there but very faint heartbeat. I had to go back the week after so went thid Tues gone, Baby as doubled in size but still a very faint heart beat. I have to go back in a fortnight for another scan. Can't help worrying but trying to stay positive at the same time. If growing surely the little heart is doing something. I am still bleeding but not an heavy flow & the midwives don't seem worried about it unless it gets a lot worse & start losing clots.

As anyone else experience anything like this?

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I don’t have any experience of this but I just want to wish you luck xx


Thank u xx


Don't have no experience hun but I'm praying for your little bean. Hope everything works out 💗🤗😘


Thank u very much xx


Hello KezK, all the best luck for you!

I am married, I went through the same. i was worried and miserable like freak. but today my kid is past one and we are happy tiny family.

This is quite common and on the contrary you need to enjoy that your baby is sound and beating. Talk to a fertility center about your exact symptoms to evaluate rightfully, which you are doin it quite well.

But this happened with me and after i read about the issue i realized it is common. My Obstetrician said that is not a bothering issue. I advise to keep alert check on yourself and be healthy n safe.

UCNIC xoxo


Thank u so much for your reply. Trying to put a brave face on but deep down in side i'm so scared that my little pea wont make it but then again if doubled in size in a week then something good must be happening!

Thank u again xx

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Haven’t experienced this but wanted to wish you all the best x


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