Blood Clot & slow heart beat

Hi, has anyone experience of a blood clot during pregnancy? I'm 5w6d today & bleeding started again at 5am. I was at the door of my clinic this morning as soon as it opened & had a scan. Embryo still there plus a bloodclot.My body could absorb the bloodclot or I could continue to bleed. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has experienced this as it's killing me. Also the doctor told me the hearbeat was slow thus reducing the chances of my pregnancy being viable to 50/50. The hb was between 100 & 110 which I thought was normal for now? I'm a complete mess, how does anybody get through this? I wish all of you the very best & the strenght to keep going, X.

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  • Hi Molly. I hope the other ladies can offer some reassurance but I just wanted to send my love, it's been such a tough few days for you. Try to rest the best you can; sending love x x x

  • You are very kind, thank you. Reading the posts on this site is helping me enormously, X

  • I am praying for you my love, I hope everything is ok πŸ™πŸΌ x x x

  • Hey Molly2016 just saw your post. You poor pet I hope everything will be ok. Im waaaay behind where you are in that Im about midway through first ivf cycle so havent had egg collected yet, if any, fingers crossed. Try and relax and stay positive, i know its easier said than done but stressing will not be your friend. Im thinking of you and wishing you loads of baby sparkles xxx

  • Hi Molly. Only just read this post but again I'm wishing you all the best, both of you. I can't offer you any assurance on a personal level and I'm not sure if this story is even relevant but my friend bled a LOT throughout her pregnancy, she had two threatened miscarriages early on but her little boy will be two soon! Hang in there x

  • Thank you, that is a massive help, X.

  • I'm sorry, it's so scary, I bled and passed large clots in early pregnancy, I don't have experience of a slow heartbeat I'm afraid but it is common to bleed. Keep positive and take it easy x

  • Thank you, scary is exactly what it is, hard to think you can still be pregnant when bleeding, I hope you are well, X.

  • Hi yes I have had constant bleeding and clots throughout my pregnancy. I'm still loosing and I'm 21+4 . Very stressful but I'm staying positive.

    Keep calm and it might be ok.

    A normal heart beat can range from 110-170 so try not to worry.

    Take care and let us know ho you get on xxxx

  • Hi, thank you so much for replying, it's very comforting to hear that but my god you poor thing, having to go through that & for so long must be terribly stressful, I wish you the very best, X.

  • Hi Molly2016

    Letting you know I'm here. I don't like to offer what might be false hope but I have 2 friends who both had blood clots and so bled in early pregnancy but had healthy babies. The slow heartbeat does sound worrying.

    I had an early miscarriage in January and I can tell you, you do get through it. It's a grief cycle and feels like the world has ended for a while, but eventually you recover, come to terms and refocus on your goal.

    Wishing you luck x

  • Thank you for replying, you are very kind. Because this is my last chance of being a mother it's making everything worse. My age, having used our last 2 embryos & having spent 8 yrs of my life going through this and never getting past 6 wks I can't keep going. Given we threw everything at it this time, my doctor even said there was no other meds to take, if this doesnt work the dream is over, X.

  • Sorry for my earlier reply, I was feeling very down & didn't mean to be so depressing, particularly as I really appreciate having this website. I wish you the very best, X.

  • Not at all, what else is this site for if not to express your feelings. It's your journey and you have a right to every negative emotion given you're situation. It's really not fair at all.

    It's not over until yet so try to stay positive.

    Just a thought but have you ever considered egg donor? X

  • Oh love that sounds very stressful. I've no experience with blood clots but wonder why they told you the heartbeat was slow, I've always been told the heart starts beating towards the end of 5th week (first at the rate of mothers heart and then getting stronger/faster). The first heartbeat of my beanie A at 6wks exactly was 106bpm rising to 175bpm at 8wks! I wish you the very best and try to stay strong with lots of positive thoughts xoxo

  • Thank you!, X

  • Dear Molly I do get ur pain. Uve gone through so much my dear. And she be given ur best. Worrying is natural. Sending loads of prayers and positivity that's all u need really. It'll happen have faith and when u feel lost and worried just pinch urself out of it and listen to music or read a book. It's d most difficult path one can ever have. We are all their with u. Xx

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