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Hi everyone

Just had my 2nd stim scan and there is 9 follicles, which is better than my 5 last cycle! I know every follicle might not have an egg but on average how many follicles don’t have eggs? How many on average fertilise ? Is there an Average number embryos that make it to blastocyst

I had 5/5 fertilise last time but only made it to day 3 transfer with no Frosties. I’m just trying to manage my expectations really with ever hurdle. Next scan on Tuesday and hoping for egg collection Thursday/Friday Thanks

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  • I’ve never really looked into averages, I think expectations is always a hard thing to manage through this journey. I would look at it that you know you’ve done everything you can once you get to EC. Remember it’s quality over quantity; my first cycle I had 11 eggs, 8 fertilised and 6 made it to 5 day blastocysts. My 2nd cycle I had 6 eggs, 5 fertilised and made 4 made it to 5 day top quality blastocyst (something they said they rarely see). I remember feeling so disappointed in myself that ‘I only got’ 6 eggs but actually they were much better quality. I’m not sure if I’ve helped or just rambled on, either way wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Thank you so much. Last time I was so disappointed on my first scan when only 2 follicles were present. In the end I had 5 and 5 fertilised and 3dt. I was disappointed again when there was nothing to freeze but I didnt realise to get Frosties was hard because they have to be top quality. Naive I know! Your quite right quality not quantity!! Xx

  • I think we all start this journey quite naively tbh, I remember after my MMC last year thinking my 2nd cycle would just work again how wrong was I. Keep positive though, am wishing you lots of luck for EC xx

  • Hiya I had 7 collected 6 fertilised the 7th was not mature. I also didn't think it was allot but if I'm honest it was my first cycle and I was totally clueless! All but one went to day 5 and we have 4 in frezzer one of which is a 5AA blastocyst we put a 5AA back and I am now currently 22 weeks 2'moz 🙏👶. It defo is quality over quantity they said that to me all along. I think it also depends on fertility issues I have had 3 natural conception ectopic pregnancies IVF for us was to bypass my tubes. Sorry I do not know averages. Wishing you all best in your journey xx

  • I was told that on average, approx 50% of fertilised eggs will make it to day 5 blastocyst stage x

  • We were told to expect 50% to fertilise using frozen sperm but you can never know how many will continue or if they'll make it to day 3 or 5 until it happens unfortunately. Good luck x

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