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Clomid is working but I’m still not getting pregnant!

Yet another BFN and I’m feeling deflated. The last two cycles we did everything we were told, the Clomid worked and I ovulated yet nothing. We now have two cycles left and I won’t be given blood tests this time so we will just have to hope I ovulate.

I’m just finding the whole thing difficult today, I suppose any time you get a BFN it feels crap.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Clomid? I feel like it’s never going to work, or that we are missing some important trick.

Thanks xx

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Firstly it’s goid news that the clomid is working and helping you to make vulgate. My consultant initially said with clomid your body may go through a period of adjustment. Go easy on yourself and take one step at a time xx


I had a similar experience as you with it. One or two months it didn’t work for me and I felt deflated as could only have so many cycles . The doctors all said not to buy ovulation test sticks but I did and tracked ovulation that way. We were getting ready to start ivf in September . The one month that I used ovulation tests is the month I found out I am pregnant .

I also got put on metformin which I think helped as well as the clomid. Xx


Thanks for the encouraging posts guys. This was actually my forth cycle of Clomid, so I think that’s furling the frustration a little x


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