1st ever embryo transfer completed today!

1st ever embryo transfer completed today!

What a weird and wonderful feeling.

I'm 37, never been pregnant, and now, today, there's been an embryo popped inside me. It's taken ages to get to this point but once ivf gets going, it's a fast process! Come on Dot, snuggle in nicely to my lining now please...

Really happy to get to a day 5 blastocyst.

Today I was told I still have 4 more embryos that are growing but slowly - they're still potentially in the race but not quite there - so tomorrow I'll get another nerve wracking call to find out if any of those 4 are good enough to freeze or if they're just not quite strong enough. For now, must focus on the one inside. Good luck to all of you nearing embryo transfer! X

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  • I have my fingers crossed for your Scarlett! Sending you lots of sticky dust ✨💝. Xxx

  • Hi Scarlett, lovely that little Dotty is at home. Now relax and take it easy.

    Really good that you have 4 more embryos developing too. Fantastic.

    Big love and luck to you xx

  • Wonderful news for Dotty! xx

  • Good luck hope you get your BFP x

  • Keeping everything crossed for you xx🤞💗💙👣🌈💋

  • Hoping for a sticky dot for you! It truly is an amazing experience when they do the transfer. My husband and I were really pleased with how they did the whole transfer and it felt really special. All the best! Also don’t worry if you have no symptoms or a ton of them, don’t worry if you have a bit of spotting at any time either. None of it means anything during the wait really and you will only know for sure on test day. I completely freaked out during the TWW which was only 12 days but had convinced myself it hadn’t worked and it had!

    Good luck xx

  • Hope you get good news today and even better news at the end of your 2WW. X

  • Good luck mrs!

  • Wishing you lots of luck xxxx

  • Got all my fingers crossed for you :-) how did you get the pic xxx

  • The clinic gave it to me just before transfer x

  • Lovely picture! It’s incredible to watch them go from egg to blasto isn’t it! x

  • I never saw any other photos apart from online but yes the transformation is beautiful x

  • Well done hun! I really hope Dotty snuggles in. Lots of sticky baby dust. I've hopefully got ET on Monday so we will be in the crazy 2ww together. Take care of yourself and Dotty. Lots of luck xx

  • Good luck for Monday xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Wishing you lots of luck, hope Dot gets very comfy x

  • Huge luck to you Scarlett. Make sure you and little dot relax as much as you can these next 2 weeks.

    Keeping everything crossed for you and sending lots of lovely sticky baby dust your way. ✨


  • Hope Dot settles into her new home for the next 9 months! Good luck xxx

  • Good luck! I hope little Dot sticks around xx

  • Fingers crossed Dot sticks for you. All the best x

  • Good luck, it’s one crazy time! Xxxxx

  • That's lovely news, good luck with the journey x

  • Fingers crossed take care of urself

  • Good luck hun sending you lots of baby dust 💗🤗😘

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