Anybody used zita west clinic for IVF??

Hi, just wondered if anybody on here had used the Zita West clinic in London for their IVF I’m particularly interested in Dr George Ndubwe (unsure of spelling!) Also if anybody has undertaken immunology testing privately (anywhere) for TH1/2, thyroid antibodies and or NK cell levels and would recommend. Live in Newcastle but willing to travel. My acupuncturist has said she can refer to Nuffield locally but just wanted to compare prices. Thanks. Ps Our background is 3 years TTC, 3 failed IVF’s 2 failed transfers of 3 embryos in total all since January this year. Unexplained infertility. Xx

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  • Plus we have 2 frozen embryos from last round in September so don’t want to do FET’s before investigating further in case any potential problems that haven’t been picked up so far from our nhs clinic x

  • Hi. Please answer by private message as no advertising of clinics or products is allowed. Thanks. Diane

  • Thanks Diane - apologies I completely forgot about this and to ask people to PM me x

  • No probs. Hope you get some replies. Diane

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