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Ivf clinic


Hi ladies anyone have experience of ivf clinics in Bristol or Oxford, I need to choose one and I don't know where to start 🤦‍♀️

My last failed rounds were at Bath fertlity and they were excellent but it just to far to travel now xx

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Hi, HFEA website is a good starting point.

Thank you will take a look x

Hello it's my first time on here , I am with bath fertility think it's changed now to care fertility we have traveling from Essex

Because been recommend by a good friend so I think should stick to one you know is good and understands you.

I have 4 more days to wait for our result

We had fet , but have been trying for 20 years now. I am 45 so fingers crossed for a miracle, but I have been bleeding so heavy now for 4 days so not sure xxxxxx

Hi I’ve used BCRM, they have been really good. Transfer tomorrow with a bit of luck 🤞🏻

I was with BCRM based at Southmead hospital for all five rounds. I cannot speak highly enough of them and the care we got throughout.

I'm at BCRM and they are fantastic.

Hi, after some research. There is CRGW in Bristol...they do an all inclusive package. Im from Brum and will be using them in the next few months if nothing happens naturally x

Good luck to you all ladies! We just had a failed ivf cycle in Exeter and now i am looking to see if there are any better clinics in Bristol. X

Snap! We are also looking at changing to Bristol or Bath. Wishing you lots of luck for your next cycle 🤞 xx

Thank you ladies for all your comments, we have an appointment booked with BCRM next week.

Fingers crossed 4th time lucky with a new clinic, I used bath for my previous rounds and they were fantastic can't recommend them highly enough, but seeing as we moved we wanted something closer to home.

Good luck and love to you all xxx

DJBebe in reply to RobertsMrs13

Hope you are well. Hope did your appointment go? X

Hi there

We used Oxford Fertility for our treatment and we thought they were excellent.

We now have twin girls and I’m 18 weeks pregnant with baby no 3 from a Natural FET. Xx

Hey, we were at Oxford Fertility and couldn’t fault them on anything! They were amazing, nothing was too much bother for them, answered all my questions, and now I am 6weeks pregnant on my first round!

Couldn’t recommend them more! Good luck!! Xx

We have been currently having treatment in Plymouth but now looking to go to Bristol too.we are in torbay so it's a bit of a trek. We've been looking at London womens clinic Bristol/Cardiff.also care bath/Bristol but they are very expensive. Have also thought of bcrm but according to hfea their success rates are lower than London women's. So hard to know who to choose.

Can I ask you lovely Bristol people what made you choose the clinics you have? Thanks x

Hi, i think everyone has different experiences. We went round create, london womens clinic and bcrm. We had an awful experience with bcrm and consultant was awful aswel. Shocked because we thought we were in the right place. London womens clinic it depends who you get, but they kept trying to change our appointment all the time and that was just consultation! When we actually got there the guy was talking over me, got angry with me asking questions. I very nearly walked out. Create seemed quite good but they are very sell, sell, sell. We have just had one round at care fertility. It was fine up until egg collection which was awful, we have a follow up next week. Their bristol clinc is only really for consultations, we had to travel to bath for everything which we were told we could do majority in bristol. When they told us we had to go to bath it was too late to pull out. So all in all we havent had a great impression of any of them! I put a post up earlier asking about bristol clinics but no replies yet.

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