Exercise, cramps and spotting

Hi! Some of you may know from other posts that I spot quite significantly during my tww (can be from 5dpo). Since we've been trying I've always wondered about whether I should be exercising during the tww. It never seems to cause the spotting, but I do get quite bad cramps during anything more vigorous than walking. Has anyone experienced the same and received advice about this? When I've questioned doctors they given me the usual 'do whatever makes you feel comfortable'. The problem is that I don't feel exercise should be causing these cramps so don't feel comfortable doing it, but by not exercising I recognise I have gained about 10lbs of fat, even though I am doing lots of walking. I'm not concerned about my bmi as the weight gain is viewed as good by my doctors, but none of my clothes fit me any longer (I'd be happy if that was because I'd got pregnant!) and I now feel uncomfortable in my body. If I knew that not exercising was the right thing to do I could get over that, but I'm just so unsure. Grateful for any advice.

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  • Hi hun, after my IVF I was told no excercise and heavy lifting, bending or anything that adds pressure to my lower abdomen - private IVF.

    Beside taking a lot of care I was still spotted on 2 different days which lasted for a day each after getting the BFP. I am sure any kind of excercize of to be avoided during the first 12 weeks... I am just 6+2 and already feel I've gained some weight and my family can see the weight too, but for me the weight gain is not important I'll hit the gym, I am not eating extra, just healthy and trying to drink loads etc...

  • Thank you x

  • I was told not to exercise in tww. Xx

  • Thank you x

  • I was always told not to exercise during the 2ww, after a positive test and even then at my 8 week scan she told me to take it easy no exercise or heavy lifting. Not that I minded I’m not an exercise lover xx

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