Quality of Embryos

Morning All

So I am getting to close to my donor egg transfer on Monday and I’ve just had an update from the clinic about how they are doing.

So all 10 fertilised eggs have divided to 4 cell stage what is a good. They have rated them 6 of good quality and 4 of medium quality.

I was really excited about this thinking they will all be of excellence quality as my own we’re not and now I feel deflated.

Am I over thinking this whole embryo quality thing ??


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  • Its so hard not to get too hung up on embryo quality as we're told to expect good things in order to get good results! We didnt get a day 2 or 3 update on our last cycle as it was a Sunday but the clinic pretty much said that so much can change in between day 3 and 5 and its day 5 that counts. I expected some of the eggs to drop off as I was aware that only a certain amount make it to day 5, its highly unusual to see them all do well from my experience on this website. We landed up with 6 good blastocysts from 10 so its sounding really great that you're got 6 doing really well with 4 just slightly behind! I know how difficult it can be so hang on in there!xx

  • Thank you Cinderella5 I feel really annoyed with myself I was doing really well positive thinking and felt I was ready for this and now I feel like I’ve ruined all of that from a silly email. hopefully tomorrow brings good news. Thanks you I will keep everything crossed xx

  • Dont be annoyed with yourself, we're allowed to be disappointed.....heck we're allowed to feel however we feel! I was all over the place whilst away waiting for news on mine, I felt positively sick by the time I got the final news. I was very positive at the start but by day 5 had completely set myself up for failure and was sick with fear so was sitting on the beach in tears hearing that we had 6 good quality blastocysts to freeze. One day at a time my dear, its all we can do, its all out of our hands! Fingers crossed for your next update!xx

  • Hi Dreamer0204. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Just remember, you have some good embryos working for you there. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane, got myself into a bit of a mess this morning worrying about the wording used. One minute they are referred to as grade A and A- then it’s good and medium wouldn’t have thought twice if the words good and medium weren’t there lol. Let’s see what tomorrow brings 🙂 xx

  • Indeed! Not much to say, but I do feel optimistic with those grades. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow. Diane

  • Try not to worry about grades to much, I used DE and my top hatching blastocyst that was supposed to be amazing failed and my next two (graded lower) where the ones I got my BFP from xxx

  • Thank you, all the good advise is definitely helping me relax alittle and to try and enjoy the whole process and the holiday to go with it 🙂 xx

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