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Progynova turns me into the hulk!

I have had a reasonable day at work, my husband was no more challenging than normal and made the usual mess of the kitchen making supper. I put on 1lb at fat class and I cried, I was standing in the scale as I started to sob. In full view of everyone, with my husband looking on mortified and slightly confused. Then I got home and became angry, properly angry. I have a little ball of rage lodged in my throat. I've told hubby to stay away and that I want to combust, but for no reason and he hasn't done anything wrong. Sensibly, he's leaving me to it. I'm away to sleep in the hope it's gone by morning. But I am absolutely furious.

Could it be the progynova? It's all I am on just now 6mg a day and this is day 3.

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Yes it is!!! I had exactly the same reaction. I ended up having 2 weeks off work for fear of launching a computer at an irritating colleague or telling people exactly what I thought of them. And my poor husband used to wonder if jekyl or Hyde was going to walk through the door.

I have no advice really though as I was a psycho!!! And I would love to tell you it goes away but I still have some left over rage tucked away that pops up every now and then, (am now 21 weeks pregnant and I still have it)

When you're feeling calm try explaining to hubby how it makes you feel and that it's not personal towards him it really is just the hormones. Hopefully he will try and understand but I bet we can't be easy to live with.

Try treating yourself too when you're having a bad day. It's so very difficult for us ladies, so much stress and hormones, don't beat yourself up over it. You can't help it.

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Thank you so much! It's nice to have a bit of reassurance. I feel perfectly fine today. But it's only just begun. I really was livid last night.


Hi Mrsshaker1. Oh dear! More often than not ladies do quite well on Progynova as it is an oestrogen. However, some - as you have - can react quite "pre-menstrually" if low on oestrogen. Hopefully it will pass and you will become more "human" again. Good luck with it all. Diane


Thank you!! I hope it improves swiftly!


Hi. Bless you! Not nice I know, but hang on in there! Diane


It totally is 😕 My hubbie was prepared this time round for his new wife but the first time it was a total shock to him! After my bfn it was a total relief to be off it.


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