Week tomorrow is DOT

I have been thinking it's a week tomorrow I am due to test my minds been going all over the place I am scared cause I don't want to go into depression and lay about and stay in bed all weekend so I was thinking of booking a nice hotel for the day after test date for me & my husband to rather go and celebrate that we got a BFP or if it's bfn to go and enjoy a night away and take time to enjoy each company and let our hairs down. Has anyone ever planned something to do after test day? Xx

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  • LittleDee this sounds like a lovely idea. On my 2nd cycle test date we both spent the day together. Took the dog for a walk and enjoyed each other's company. On my 1st OTD which was a BFN I went straight into work and it was horrendous! Had to pretend everything was ok. Definitely a good idea to make nice plans and hopefully you'll both be celebrating!

  • My doctor had signed me off work I don't think either way I could go back to work until a few days after test day. This journey really takes a toll on u doesn't it. Xx

  • I think that sounds like a perfect idea, on my 2nd cycle we planned a day out for after OTD and it was exactly what we both needed. Wishing you lots of luck for next week x

  • Thanks Hun xx

  • Sounds like a really good plan! I might do the same. Wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • Thanks and good luck on ur journey sending hugs and baby dust xx

  • Sounds like a good idea! We're thinking of going away for the night although it would be a couple of days before we know if it's worked or not, but I think just getting away for a night would do us some good even before finding out the outcome.

    For my last transfer we went away for the weekend after the chemical pregnancy was confirmed and I think it really did us some good getting away rather than sitting in and being sad.

    I definitely think it would be good for you and your husband to have something to look forward to whatever the outcome xxx

  • Sorry to about ur chemical pregnancy must have been awful for u both. Good luck for ur journey and will be keeping everything crossed for u Hun. Xx

  • Hi Littledee88. How lovely! Sounds perfect to me. Keeping everything crossed that it is a positive for you both. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane I really have found comfort from joining the forum. Gives u hope. Xx

  • That's good to hear - thanks. Diane

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