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Slow to rise estrogen

Does any one else have slow to rise estrogen?

I've had some ectensive blood tests done as part of my homeopathic treatment and have discovered that i have slow to rise estrogen. At day 2-4 I have off scale low estrogen. This makes sense now with my ivf protocol as aftet each one i was being monitored it would suddenly jump up and I get terrible pain ( i asosiated this with Endometriosis). This coukd explain why my sugar levels can randomly influctuate ( type 1 diabetic).

It has been suggested I gey reffered to an endrochologist to maybe get supplenents. Anyobe had this? Also would they do this as i have no nhs funding for ivf any more as already been through the system. Saying that, surely it would gave shown up on these blood test they previously did? I've just never been told, is that worth pursuing?

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