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When you know you know

Evening Ladies, I'm 5DP5DT now and I would bet my life that this cycle is over.

I've been testing and although I know it's early but I've had a bad feeling since 2dp. My husband and I both dreamt on the same night that it hadn't worked and now I have every usual symptom of AF, with the exception of the witch herself thanks to the lovely progesterone. I think there is truth in you know your own body and once again this just doesn't seemed to have worked for us. I got my two previous BFPs at 5DP5DT except with a hatching blast.

I'm so disappointed and flat. I did a sneaky test tonight when I got home from work and I thought I saw a shadow line- now I just feel sad for imagining such a thing. Bummed.


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Please don’t give up hope yet. I said the exact same thing on my last fet, I actually said to OH while sobbing “I know my own body” in fact I was so convinced the day before otd I almost drank wine but OH convinced me not to. It broke my heart that he still had hope when I “knew” it hadn’t worked. I got my bfp the next morning xx

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Hey, don't be bogged down yet. Though I'm struggling with infertility as well and haven't had any luck really, trust me the BFP doesn't show up at the same time in every FET. I think generally 5DP5DT is a little early, at 7 you get a beta and it takes at least till 10 to get one on HPT. I could never tell the difference between early pregnancy and AF symptoms really - so don't conclude based on them. I'd say just wait for the OTD and no more tests in the meantime; the optimism of the mother does reflect the outcome says the women in the clinic. For now, you've got to be positive no matter how convincing the negative may seem. Wish you luck for a BFP!


I cried every single day for the first 5 days of the 2ww thinking it hasn't worked... the 6th day I used all my first response tests on every pee as they were coming back negative, I ordered 50 cheapie ones which arrived the very next morning at 8am and I've exausted around 15 of them and every single one was positive!!! I then ordered some more first response which eventually (after 7 days) were also positive. I'm now 5.5 weeks.

Don't loose hope please. Good luck. 🍀🍀🍀


Hi, please don't give up.

On one cycle I felt the same way but then got a very faint positive on day 8. It was so faint but then on day 11, I got a clear view test and it was positive.

The key is staying positive. Stress can really affect your body. I didn't have sore boobs or any other pregnancy signs just a positive test.


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