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Natural fet cycle and the tww

Hi all.

I am planning to have a natural fet cycle with some progesterone support in December and wonder if you have a tww with these? My doc said they transfer 6 days after you get a positive ovulation test which is day 20ish of a cycle so without all the drugs would you not just get your period 6 days later (I've short cycles) if the embryos don't implant?

Any advice would be appreciated


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Hi Ang24816. You still have to allow for implantation, which can take 1-6 days depending upon at what size the embryo was frozen. Most clinics advise to test 10 days after transfer, but check with what yours advises. Good luck! Diane


Thanks so much Diane. I guess if it doesn't implant then you'd get your period as expected?


Indeed, unless progesterone pessaries delays it. Diane


Thanks Diane xx


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