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Infection testing

Hello, before starting our 2nd round of IVF we have had some private tests. My husband went to the male fertility expert (best in UK apparently) called Dr Ramsay (London). Turns out that an infection could be having an impact on why we haven’t been successful for three years and one IVF failed attempt.

We are now on antibiotics and the dr said that it is very common but untested routinely by NHS - which I think is bonkers!

Watch this space to see if it has increased our chances (there are more issues than that) but thought I’d put the advice out there in case it can help others.

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Ooo that’s interesting, an infection with your hubby or you? I’d be very interested to know more (if you are happy to share of course 😚).

Are you going to try a second round? Xx


Hey, it’s with my husband as it was him who was tested but we are both on antibiotics as I could also have it (passed to each other - but not an STD)

Yes trying the 2nd round - starting next week so fingers crossed.

The dr said it was more common than we think and because IVF is more align to women and gynaecological treatment male infertility isn’t tested as thoroughly. However I’ve not been tested for infections either during the whole process... so wouldn’t have been picked up anyway.

Just something to rule out I think and don’t understand why something like that wouldn’t be a routine test. It’s seems like you need to have multiple failed rounds with the suffering of psychological impacts before more in-depth tests are explored - private costs a fortune!


Yes exactly! The tests only begin when your neck deep in costs and you’ve already got a few failed rounds under your belt. I’m always searching for reasons why it doesn’t work and it’s crazy that it could be something so simple.

I hope this works for you guys, good luck on your next go 🌈🌟🙌 xx


Thanks Hannah. I know what you mean, it seems crazy that we have to go through failed rounds with cost and the emotional side until simple tests are done. Surely more thorough tests would be a good start! I hope it works too, but at least I know I’ve done everything is can (again)

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