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NK Cell tests started


I have been reasesrching NK Cells for a while now as I’ve suffered repeated implantation failure. My clinic don’t do these test so I was left very confused as to where to go and what to ask for. But thanks to the all the kind women who took the time to respond to my posts I have now started the tests at Coventry and Warwickshire hospital under the care of professor Quenby. I had my first biospy yesterday and should have another in early Dec. I have decided to delay IVF until next year so I can have these tests, get my body ready and enjoy my Christmas with my nieces.

Massive thank you to all of those who provided me with helpful advice. We all need to support each other on this journey.

#neverstopbelieving ❤️💚🧡💙💛💜💗

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So glad to hear this Hun! Good luck and hope all works out. I believe the steroids helped me get pregnant. Good luck x

Rainbowhope in reply to NDE1987

Im praying 🙏 that they find something that they can treat so my dreams can come true.

NDE1987 in reply to Rainbowhope

If the first tests come back normal don't panic. The first month my test showed high cells and the second month they showed normal. But I was still offered steroids. X

Hi happy to help. If you don't mind can I ask what the current charge is? I know when I previously enquired about it was around £350 xx

Rainbowhope in reply to WeeJacs

It’s 540 pounds. Compared to IVF general costs I think it’s reasonable. 👍

WeeJacs in reply to Rainbowhope

Agree esp if you get 2. The private clinic I go to are costing it at £600 but that's just for 1 xx

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