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Post EC......

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So, survived the ec...NOT an experience I will be doing again. Out of 9 follicles, only retrieved 7 eggs. DH did his bit and we left the clinic mid morning.

This morning, the embryologist phoned this saying that of the 7 eggs, only 2 fertilised properly.....SO NOT looking like this is going to be successful at all.....of the 2 eggs...they have yet to reach a suitable freezing stage.....and even then may not survive the defrosting stage let alone embryo transfer.....

Just have NO hope or faith left and have left a message with the embryologist NOT to phone me again as it is just torture hearing bad news after bad news, just to let me know IF they get to the freezing stage.

NOT going through hell again for no-one. Just going to concentrate on the new job and forget about being a parent.

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I wouldn't give up, I only had 4 eggs collected. Two of which were good enough. It's not over yet xxx

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Yammie1973 in reply to Anipea

Thanks Anipea...very clearly, egg quality really bad, so chances are dwindling by the hour of the other two surviving at all.

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Yammie1973

Hi Yammie. Got to hang on to that thread of hope - however thin it might be. Thinking of you. Diane

Does that mean you aren't going to use your other cycles (I think I read you're on a multicycle package)

Don't give up hope - I only had 5 eggs collected last time, 2 got put back on day 3 but none to freeze. Got bfp but had mmc.

This time I got 11 eggs and ended up with 1 put back on day 5 and two more to freeze.

It really can change cycle to cycle and it does only take 1!

No, not going to do the other cycles....I don't have any follicles left so it was all or nothing this time around, even if we started using DHEA now, I would have to be on it for 3 months to make any difference. With my age, it was a long shot to start off with. The consultant did say that it was only a 2% chance.

There are several of us on here who had better results on a second cycle with a change to drug protocol and icsi rather than traditional ivf.

How do they know it's egg quality? They suspected that's what it was for me and convinced us but then when we had further tests, it turns out my husband has a chromosome disorder; they hadn't tested for that originally as it is so rare. So that makes me sceptical on your behalf.

It sounds like you had a bad time with egg collection, is it the physical pain which put you off? Only I'm thinking that perhaps they should give you different drugs for sedation next time? I've had sedation four times and each time they've used a different combo of drugs (not sure why) and it's been a slightly different experience each time. But never have I remembered it and the pain has been no worse than bad period pains.

I'm sad for you that you feel like giving up and I really hope your embryos develop well x

Oh no do not give up!!! All you need is what you got!!! I am praying for is not over...all hope is in the air. Stay strong.

Sorry to hear this yammie! I really do feel for you, it's absolute torture waiting on those calls and gets bad news is devastating. I must say that my cycles were all different and although we didn't achieve a pregnancy we did considerably better after taking DHEA (all of our embryos died in cycle 1). Thinking of you both xx

don't give up yet, it only takes one. We had 23follicles, 7 eggs and only 2 made it to day 3 transfer but it worked..there's always a chance.

Also, on the egg collection side I said I would never do it again because the sedation didn't work and I was in so much pain for about 5 weeks after but as time goes by you start to heal and it doesn't haunt you as much. It's taken me 7 weeks to be able to say that without bursting into tears, so you can get there with support. Take your time, and take care of your self x

I have no follicles left, so no potential for eggs. We have both made the decision not to use donor is something that both of us have said a BF no to, least of all because the MIL would have a field day with me,saying that it is her son's child and not mine and she would overule my involvement in the child's life....hence why we haven't told the in-laws anything of our IVF.

No chance for putting feet up, in between running 2 homes as my mum is starting with dementia, looking after my husband and starting a new job...taking it easy is not an option even for a few hours.

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Hannah143 in reply to Yammie1973

9 follicles is follicles, its not over unless you give up. I have been in your situation many times and your heart breaks every time but you can move forward if you choose to.

Why would you tell your MIL about donor eggs? If she's that much of a horror it's your prerogative to decide how much you share. If you haven't told them about IVF why tell them about donor eggs.

I'm 40 and have run out of road with my own eggs but doing down the donor route. We have only chosen to share that precious piece of information with a select few.

Don't give up, as much as it sucks and hurts so much right now you will gather your strength and if you want it, you will achieve your dream

Good luck xxx

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Yammie1973 in reply to Hannah143

Thanks Hannah143, we had originally 9 follicles at the start, of those, 7 eggs were collected yesterday and only 2 have fertilised. We have no follicles/eggs left to work with. The MIL would find out as my DH can't keep his mouth shut to save his life, it is something I have syruggled with since we met....he communicates constantly with his family whilst I don't talk to any family members mine or his.

Not so sure I want to continue with thisndream come nightmare!

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Hannah143 in reply to Yammie1973

I'm sending you a big hugs, my last round with my own eggs I had 6 follicles and they only got 1 Egg that didn't make it over night. The heartache is just awful. 💔

Haven't you paid for a 3 round package? So your next go you will respond differently so worth doing it as you've paid for it. You may not feel like it now but perhaps in a few weeks you will feel a little differently.

I think using DE is a deeply personal and private matter between you and your husband, surely it's worth a conversation with him about discretion no? It could be your chance to become parents and at your age (not being rude I'm in the old camp too!) you have to take every opportunity as time is against us.

Big hugs, don't give up xx

Hey come on mrs, get the fighting head on, it only takes 1, your still there yet don't you give up on those wee embies yet, you could have a couple of fighters there. Keeping everything crossed for you, but yes I no how disheartening it is 🤞🌈👣💋

I'm confused by you saying you have no follicles left? As far as I'm aware they don't disappear - i.e. If you have another fresh round you'll have follicles and maybe more than this time depending on how you respond to the stimms

I am 44, so my body has used up most of the follicles in the ovaries, the only ones left, were stimulated this last round of IVF, so nothing left to stimulate. My body didn't respond all that well to stims. The consultant didn't give us much chance and said he hoped for the best but that we should be aware of little success.

Hang in there. It’s really hard. Wishing you lots of luck for next steps xx

I’m 38 with one ovary. Had only 6 follicles, which produced 5 eggs at EC. 3 mature eggs which fertilised and pregnant at 32 weeks with the top quality one. So your 9 follicles and 7 eggs at 44 is amazing. Ok two fertilised, but did they do icsi?

Since it’s only the day after EC you and the embryologist are a long way off knowing if they are viable to freeze yet.

It’s a crappy rollercoaster but hold on.

Your follicles don’t run out from cycle to cycle. You grow new ones. You didn’t use them all up this round.

However if you’ve decided that enough is enough then that’s completely different. I’ve heard of others only doing one round and saying that’s all they are prepared to do.

Keep your chin up x

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Yammie1973 in reply to emmab178

Yes, they had to do icsi as my dh has low sperm motility. The day after EC the embryologist said thatbonly 2 fertilised, so I M assuming that the other 5 were destroyed.

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emmab178 in reply to Yammie1973

To have two fertilised is still good. It may not feel like it but it is.

Sending you this link because I read it sometimes when I’m despairing. You may or may not want to have hope today but there are ladies on this thread who are 45+ who have become pregnant

Don’t give up yet I know it’s so hard, I had four fertilised and they put two in at day 3 and said the other 2 would not be good enough to freeze yet on day 6 they ring me and said one had made it and they were freezing it, I just hope there’s a reason this one kept fighting on and I’m starting this cycle on Monday, part of me thinks it’s not going to survive thawing as it was late developing and I hope they haven’t just conned me out of money , but the other part of me is trying to stay positive as I’ve heard of similar stories where the late developers or slower ones have been the ones that have worked. It’s such a tough journey and this is my last go then i give up too, fingers crossed for us both xx

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