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How many eggs did you have frozen? Collected 22 only froze 2 😞

I had EC on Thursday & they collected 22 eggs! Now high risk of ohss so had to freeze them. I feel really tender & sore & can only wear joggers but have been pretty positive that got this far. The embryologist has been calling me daily with updates. All fertalized but some were abnormal. Daily the numbers were dropping but only by 1 or 2. They thought they would be freezing 13 but today that has dropped to 2. Finding it hard to stay positive now. Thought 22 was going to give us such good odds now I feel worried. Has anyone else had similar experience?

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My clinic said no matter on numbers of eggs collected only 1 in 7 couples get good enough quality to freeze. Try to be positive that you've got that quality in the pack x


Hi theblondeone. Oh this of course is so disappointing for you. I think the problem is that you might have overstimulated, and most of the eggs were't mature enough to survive. Your embryologist wants the best for you too, so he/she will only freeze what are viable. For now, concentrate on yourself and rest when you can and drink plenty of water, as your ovaries may still be a bit active. Your little embies will be safe until time to transfer. Thinking of you. Diane

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