Puregon pen missing

Good evening ladies , don't know how to feel right now. I'm due to start my stimm injections tomorrow and I just noticed that the pharmacy did not include the actual pen to use with the Puregon injection. In the package there is only the needles and the medication cartridge of Puregon 900iu . I'm new to this experience and I just thought everything I need for the injection would be included in the prescription. Or if we have to purchase it separately then they could have advised us that we need to buy the pen. Don't know what to do now. Anyone knows if these pens are readily available in pharmacies?

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  • Your clinic should have them if the pharmacy doesn’t xx

  • Pharmacy should be able to order them if they don’t have them so contact them early. Asda is very good at getting next day deliveries XX

  • Thank you I will rush over to Asda.

  • Give them a call first xx

  • Hi Loduss. I do hope you got this sorted and are on your way. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane thanks for asking.

    Yes I managed to get one from Asda and they gave it to me free of charge.

    One of the ladies on this forum Goldie01 had also offered to give me her spare one.

    I love the support on this forum so much . Really appreciate you all.

  • Hi. So pleased you got sorted. All the best. Diane

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