Heavy bleeding after et day 9

Hello ladies, I wanted to see if any of you had heavy bleed after embryo transfer and still got blessed with baby dust? Started spotting yesterday as day 9 and this morning had some red blood with some clots it looks like AF and this is my first round of icsi had 2 beautiful blastocyst implanted day 5 I'm nearly 40 and had 2 ectopics so this is only way to have chance to have a baby. Please advise if you had similar experience with positive results. Have my Beta on Monday I'll see what happens just hope for some good news now...

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  • I'm sorry I cannot answer as this has not happened to me but I'm wishing you lots of luck and fingers crossed for Monday x

  • I had spotting at the same stage, but heavy or clotting as you describe but everyone is different. I got BFP last week.

    Try and stay positive and think the best until you know otherwise 🤞🏼☘️

  • Wishing you luck xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you 👣🤞❤️🌈💋

  • Hi LaylaB. So sorry to hear this, but hold that thought that you had 2 embryos transferred, so just carry on with any medication until your proper test date. Thinking of you. Diane

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