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Any success stories from natural ivf from a frozen embryo?


I've been for my consultation today after a failed fresh first cycle and have been told that I can do a natural ivf where the ET is timed 6 days after ovulation. Has anyone tried this with success? Would I be daft not to try this over a medicated Fet? X

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I'm waiting on this too. No success story yet but the natural does appeal. Currently tracking ovulation and hopefully be in a position to start end Oct/Beg Nov. Wishing you lots of luck x

Gem1982 in reply to LauraGU

It's definitely appealing. I'm only just on my second period after failed cycle but going to start tracking. have you done anything in preparation? X good luck! Will be looking out for your positive news!

LauraGU in reply to Gem1982

Nope, I'm currently tracking my ovulation so I have a rough idea for next month and going for a colonic next week then will start down the route of no processed etc. Going to drink pomegranate juice too as that's supposed to be good for your lining xx

I have a success story from non medicated FET following failed frozen cycle. I am currently 18+2 weeks pregnant. Admittedly a tricky pregnancy but that's down to bad luck rather than the FET. I found the whole cycle much less stressful and swear that's why it was a success.

Feel free to ask any questions and good luck xx

That is lovely news! How long did you wait to start after your failed cycle? Did you just use the clear blue ovulation sticks? X did you do anything different in terms of diet and exercise in the lead up to the Fet?

I asked this question a couple of months ago as I was trying to decide between natural or medicated. I had quite a few ladies say they had success with natural transfer and they thought it was because they didn't have drugs in their system. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Gem1982 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks for the reply! I can't see that there is anything to lose in trying the natural cycle! Hope you have got on ok with your cycle ? X

Lynnr54 in reply to Gem1982

Nurse consultation appt today and take prostrap injection a week today. I have gone with medicated one in the end because my clinic really wanted me to. My ovulation is all over the place so they said it would be difficult to predict when it was and there was a risk it could mean that transfer would be done on weekend with only skeleton staff and they didn't want to risk it.

I am same as you. 3 failed fresh cycles now got three frozen embies and going for natural cycle but with clexane and prednisolone's hoping it's our time xxx

Hi, I have had 2 miracles and both were natural fets. My daughters are 2 and 6 weeks old. I found the whole process a million times easier and I do put it down to less drugs in my system ( I did the pessaries but that is it). They usually recommend it if you ovulate regularly and if male factor issues. I highly recommend obviously. You will find it a walk in the park compared! Wishing you all loads of luck xxx

Gem1982 in reply to jenny34

Thanks for your reply! So it really can work! It's strange to think when you get to this point you have had to go through so much but feel lucky I can have this chance x

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