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Endo and IVF success stories?


Hi ladies,

I’m in the two week wait after a 3 day FET and I’ve found myself stupidly Googling IVF and endo success and only seeing negative study after negative study. I know I need to stop! But I was wondering if there are any success stories out there that could give me hope? 🙏

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I cant help with endo success stories as I havent suffered myself but wanted to wish you lots of luck!xx

Thank you! So happy to hear your good news today :)

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Hi Hun, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis aged 33. I did manage to concieve naturally twice but lost both babies in the early weeks. I was really fortunate & got my BFP from our first IVF cycle after a 3 day transfer too and am now mummy to a 7 month old boy. I had him a month before turning 42 so it was a long battle which was soul destroying at times! I really hope you too get a happy ending. Wishing you all the best! xx

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Forgot to say, my husbands cousin also had IVF due to Endo & has lovely twin girls from her first cycle. Some of us do get lucky! xx

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Thank you so much for sharing your story! It makes me feel more hopeful for sure. That must have been so tough, I’m so glad things worked out for you in the end. Ill try to stay positive! Xx

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I know how hard it is to stay positive Hun. I was so negative during my IVF cycle but probably more so because of my age. I was already stressing out over my next IVF cycle during the 2ww. I appreciate many women never get as much luck as I did but some of us have to be the ones who come out of it all with a baby at the end. Please update us. xx

It's important to be optimistic. A friend of mine, Melissa, also has endometriosis. She feel upset for not being pregnant. After that, she tried many treatments without getting pregnant. Occasionally she sees a herbal medicine treatment fuyan therapy is very effective on endo. She decides to have a try, and most of the symptoms disappeared after taking the pills for about 3 months. She's pregnant now.

I have endo, thyroid disfunction and had miscarriage before, had two unsuccessful rounds of ivf (last one in March) and nearly two months after that I found out that I am pregnant. Such a shock! After 11 years. I still can't believe this.

I don't know if ivf hormones has helped or the fact that I said enough, I don't want to do it any more and finally relaxed.

Good luck bextoliver, there is hope 🍀🤞😊

And don't torture yourself with statistics, it only brings more stress.

Wow that’s such a great story! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s a great reminder to not give up and focus on the positive. All the best to you!! Xx

Thank you ☺️ fingers crossed for you 🤞🍀💕

Yes - I have endo and struggled to conceive for years because of it. I was booked in for a laparoscopy in dec 2017 but after years of trying we found out we were pregnant 3 weeks before my op was due. Unfortunately we had a miscarriage and struggled to conceive again for another year. Eventually got referred for our first round of IVF in Feb and had our fresh egg transfer at day 5 on 30th March 2019. We’re currently 16 weeks pregnant with a active little baba 🙂 trust me it can happen. I know how soul destroying it is at times but DO hold on to that hope hun. Good luck and baby dust xxxxxxx

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I’m so happy to hear IVF worked for you. Congratulations! It’s so hard not to go down that rabbit hole and I’m trying to stay positive. It’s so nice to hear your success story. Thank you for sharing and all in best with your pregnancy! Xx

I don’t have my success story yet, as my next appt is in 3weeks . Hopefully it’s to start d process or maybe it might be delayed as my husband needs to have his sperm retrieved for ICSI . The first appt was just scan and signing of the forms(funding). Also my husband received a letter to go for scan as our issue is azoospermia and mild endometriosis. I struggled to conceive with my ex for over 6years before separating and was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016 after a laparoscopy. I hope it has not gone worse now as it’s over 3years now.

Be positive as others have said . Good luck

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Thank you so much for sharing. That’s great that you’ll be starting the process soon. It feels like such a relief to finally have that option. I hope everything goes really well for you from here on out! Xx

Jess is our girl for sure...she has a newborn 😁

I have endometriosis and had successful first round of ivf am currently 35 weeks pregnant ☺️

Success story here.

33 years, severe endo, laparoscopy and ivf. Been told by doctors almost no chances to conceive but here we are 2 years later with a 1 year old boy! ❤️ Everything is possible!

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