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Hello again! 2WW

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Good afternoon lovely ladies,

I’ve not been on here in a while after having a failed attempt at a fresh transfer back in May. We were so gutted and due to holidays etc, we couldn’t start the frozen process until earlier this month.

At the first scan my lining was only 4.4 so I was sent away for another week. 2nd scan was 5.7, so I was sent away for yet another week! 3rd scan last Friday was 7.7 - I was so happy I cried!!

So this morning our 2 remaining day 3 Frosties were both defrosted successfully and are both now hugging me from the inside. It’s been 5 years in the making but we’re finally in the 2WW!!

Anyone got any top tips for sanity or advice?! Is the pineapple thing just a myth?

Best of luck to you all on your journeys 😘 xx

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Hi there, I am currently 7 weeks pregnant after a frozen ET so I am obviously a big fan. My first fresh transfer although went smoothly didn't result in a bfp. Anyway, my advice would be to chill - I know it's super easy to say but honestly just do it. Dont over think, don't make a big deal of everything, don't let yourself daydream about 'what if', try to be pragmatic and let the time pass as it should. On my fet I didn't really talk about it, got on with my work, focused on keeping busy and before I knew it (well I didn't make it to otd as I tested 5 days early!) but there it was a very faint line.

So chill out, enjoy the feeling that you have two embies onboard who will be doing their thing in there. Do positive things. Walk a lot and get fresh air. Thats what I did and it seemed to work.

Vey best of luck to you x x x

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feewares in reply to Sjmackel

Oh wow! That’s fantastic news, congratulations. I like ur ‘chill’ advice and intend to do that as much as possible. My work is pretty full on but they are aware of the circumstances and should let me be, mostly! 2 weeks seems a million years away right now. The nurse said not to test early as I could get a false positive from the drugs, and that wld be most upsetting.

I intend to get out and do some walking - I usually climb Munro’s, but will settle for a gentle stroll for the next wee while!

Thanks for ur words! Hopefully I’ll be in ur position in a few weeks 👶👶 xx

I'm 6 days into the Tww ! I had all the intentions of doing the pineapple thing I had bought one ready ! But as nature had it I had a really upset tummy after transfer ( sorry tmi ) I think it's the progesterone and pulling about etc I didn't eat the pineapple I didn't want to aggravate my stomach even more ! There's no easy way through the Tww it's just taking it a day at a time !! All the best !!! Xxxxx

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feewares in reply to ICSIBaby86

6 days in - well done to u!! I have bn eating a lot of pineapple in the run up to transfer anyway, in the hope it would help my lining thicken, and I guess something worked!! It was either the drugs, the pineapple or my lucky Christmas socks 😂😂 I shall keep going with them - can’t see it would do any harm...

A day at a time is how I will do it - but I’m not very good at being patient unfo. Can’t wait to hear how u get on!! Good luck to u xx

Hi all,

Feewares - sorry to hear about your failed fresh transfer, I also had a failed fresh transfer in June due to suddenly being hit with the worst flu I've ever had. We only have one good embie, so it was decided that it was best to wait until I was better.

I'm now 7 days post 3 day embie transfer. I've been an emotional wreck since and been driving my other half up the wall. I don't know why I feel the way I do, but finding it difficult to snap out of it. I've had a few mild cramping but no other symptoms. I stupidly did a pregnancy test today knowing it would most likely be negative and it was. Going to try hold out until test date on 5th October.

Good luck all, praying we all get BFP!

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feewares in reply to angelaloves

Yeah the failed transfer was a huge disappointment but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. Back then they were only gonna give us one Embie - and we wanted 2. Then I actually thought we had 3 on ice but found out today we only had 2, again disappointing. But then they said we cld have both on board and we were delighted! The embryologist warned us that there was a chance of multiple birth, and we grinned from ear to ear!

I know our chances of success aren’t massive but we are only 2 weeks away from knowing either way.

Crikey, the wait sounds like torture! Ur prob feeling the way u do because of hormones, stress, the unknown, the anticipation and ur overwhelming desire for a positive outcome. Try hold out a few more days, ur half way there and then I wish u all the very best of luck for a positive outcome. Mon the Frosties!!! 👶👶 xx

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angelaloves in reply to feewares

Yeah you have to have a positive attitude when undergoing IVF, friends warned me that it can be very emotionally draining and I understand what they mean now. I didn't do a HPT! Couldn't put myself through more disappointment. Just need to hold out for another 6 days.

Aww twins! That would be amazing! We also looked at each other and grinned when they said they may put in two. Anyway thankful that we have one embie :).

Hope all is well and wishing you lots of sticky baby dust. Xx

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