Proactive works for next cycle!!!

Well I couldn't stand the waiting for my review appointment and then wait for a date for my next cycle so I called today. They have been absolutely fantastic the nurse spoke to the doctor and even though the next review appointments aren't till mid November they are letting me start my second cycle 24th October as long as get a period first!! So pleased that I have a goal to work towards again xxx

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  • Glad they have been so helpful and you've got a date to 'get going'. Once you know your ready for another cycle I think it definitely helps having a date to focus on. Good luck xx

  • Thank you, I just want to keep going till I get my BFP xxx

  • I was exactly the same. I understand why people like to have breaks but for me living with the not doing anything as I know I can't conceive naturally was harder than going through the treatment. Fingers crossed this next cycle will be your BFP 🤞xx

  • Yes I can't sit around I wanted to start again straight away but I have to have 1 natural cycle!! Keepposting so I can keep

    up to date with your baby so pleased for you xxx

  • Ah thank you, over analysing everything at the moment. The wait for my scan is driving me crazier than the tww xx

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