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Im 41, hoping to freeze some eggs in case I decide to have another baby in the next few years. I had my first ultrasound yesterday on day 4. The doctor didn't see much going on so they raised my menupor to 150 and I have another scan in 2 days. Has anyone else had a late start and if so was your retrieval successful in the end? Thank you!!

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  • Hello! I am a bit of a late starter, in fact I don't think I've had more than 1 at that stage, and the last three rounds I've got around 11-16 mature eggs each time, so try not to worry too much xx

  • Wow that's great news! Did they raise your meds also?

    Thank you .

  • Yep they just checked mine as we went along, if they felt I needed a bit of a boost they upped it. This time around I'm going to be injecting gonal f and menapor and increasing it gradually for longer as my consultant thinks we can get more eggs and better quality, but it's all trial and error (unfortunately!!!) xx

  • Ok thank you :)

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