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Question regarding first scan

Im 41, hoping to freeze some eggs in case I decide to have another baby in the next few years. I had my first ultrasound yesterday on day 4. The doctor didn't see much going on so they raised my menupor to 150 and I have another scan in 2 days. Has anyone else had a late start and if so was your retrieval successful in the end? Thank you!!

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Hello! I am a bit of a late starter, in fact I don't think I've had more than 1 at that stage, and the last three rounds I've got around 11-16 mature eggs each time, so try not to worry too much xx


Wow that's great news! Did they raise your meds also?

Thank you .


Yep they just checked mine as we went along, if they felt I needed a bit of a boost they upped it. This time around I'm going to be injecting gonal f and menapor and increasing it gradually for longer as my consultant thinks we can get more eggs and better quality, but it's all trial and error (unfortunately!!!) xx


Ok thank you :)


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