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First scan after gonalF


Had my first scan today wasn't the greatest news but nurses assured me it is the kind of response they expected me to have since I had a high FSH and a low ish AMH have increased my dosage of gonalF and will be going back friday for another scan and blood test. So 7 follicles so far but all quite small... Here's hoping they've grown by Friday.

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Good luck for Friday - this IVF game is so unpredictable that you never know what might happen from one day to the next, fingers crossed you will respond to a higher dose


Thanks Treacle, just seen on another post you're 25 weeks with twins :) amazing news congratulations to you x

Fingers crossed :-) I'm still on my down regs... It's draggggiinnngg!! X

Just had a bit of a mare took my new dosage then realised there couldn't have been enough in the pen so had to do the new pen for the last little bit then when I did it as I was in a panic I did it standing up which I've not done before and it bled a bit now worrying!! I'm sure it is dragging but you're on your way :) x

Oooo is the up injections in a pen form? Do you have to put it in the pen? I cant wait till Monday to finally get on that next step!! I stand up all the time when my husband injects me, my bottom half of my stomach is so bruised though! :-( These down regs havent had no side effects, I think I have been lucky.. x When is your next Folli Scan?

Yours could be different mines in like an Epi pen that's already filled you just have to dial up the dosage. :( about the bruising I've not had any. I've had headache but not sure if they're related or not, been emotional but again aren't we all! Next scan on Friday. x

So second scan done now have one above 10mm but all the others are below not sure if I have the same or fewer follicles wasn't very clear. They've now put me up to 225 on the gonal f hoping it'll get me going places. Feeling a bit depressed about it all again.

Oh Hun, at least there is room to up your dose, your follies are just taking time to grow to be perfect!!! When is your next scan? My upregs will finally start on Monday.. Try not to feel down, you need to think positive x

Next scan is on Monday, glad you get to start yours then too, not found it too bad with the pens only been bruised twice with those. Does seem a bit more painful with a higher dose though! Feeling a bit more positive now. x

Good, you really need to stay positive... Looking forward to Monday, but have to stay on supricur aswell as the next injection so will be doing 2 a night, my belly is going to look like a dartboard!!

I think there is a point were I'll be doing both injections too, reminds me off an old cartoon when they drink and all the water comes out of the holes. Hoping tomorrow will bring some bigger follicles!

Well how are your follicles doing? I had my scan and have 13 follicles on right ovary and 15 on other!! Start on 225ml gonal F for 3 days then lower dose of 125ml for 4 days. x

Its a pen like yours, looks alot easier than the Suprecur.

That's good news :) I've got 6 on the left only one of 15mm but that's enough for them to put me on the Cetrotide which is more like a proper injection have to take that for a bit. It's looking like I should have a transfer late this week or early next week. They've been really honest and it's unlikely I'll get many eggs but it only takes one right! I'm on 225 at the moment but waiting to hear from the hospital if they want me to take more or maintain. X

Thats good news then, Sounds crazy but I dont want to get lots of eggs as reading up it sounds like that are of a lesser quality... Im getting very worried now and just want to fast forward the whole process!! Have you changed your diet? I have cut totally out on caffine and am drinking 3 litres of water daily... and apparantly eating 4-6 smaller meals a day is better... I really need to stop reading up on things though as it can start to send you crazy!! But spending over £6000 on treatment I really dont want to put anything in the way!! x

It's true they've said for me quality over quantity but I've seen a fair few posts of people with lots of eggs also getting a good quality. I've cut down on caffeine a lot but that's about it did even treat myself to a spritzer in Sunday. My clinic basically said there's nothing I can do or change to make it any more likely to successed. I think you deffo need to stop reading! Got the call from the hospital carrying on at 225 and going in again Wednesday they said it's all progressing nicely. That is a lot of money :( so unfair when you have to pay in the circumstances you're in. Xx

So when will you know about egg collection? We did my first Gonal F injection last night, it wasnt that bad really just took a bit longer to go in that the suprecur. Forgive me if you have told me before but are you having IVF or ICSI?

The NHS should really change the rules, Its not our fault our husbands have children from there past, there are a couple of people I know who have had IVF on NHS and one of them smoked and drank all the way through the process (Obviously never got a BFP) but done IVF twice on NHS what a waste of NHS money!! The thing is you can never put a price on being a mum, so we have said we can afford to get into a debt for 2 treatments but then it will have to stop. Fingers crossed for both of us we will only need 1 treatment! x x

I'm still not sure when it will be things are progressing slowly for me could be the end of this week might be the start of next I think they're waiting to see if my follicles that are under 10 may catch up a bit. We're having IVF unless of course there is some kinda problem with my husbands sample in which case they'll do ICSI I suppose if they only get one egg they may do ICSI. No you're right it's not fair if your husband has a child from a previous relationship and it's getting more and more likely to be the case as people start later and split more frequently. I hope it works out for you I do feel lucky that I am getting my chances for free.. It isn't fair when people will abuse the system and we have to work at it. So indeed fingers crossed for us both! hugs x

Had another scan today and I am more than likely going for collection on Friday! I now have 4 follicles over 16mm and one on the other side is now at 16mm and apparently my womb lining is really good so that's all quite positive. Really hoping to get in tomorrow should know by 4:30pm today. It's so weird now when I go for the scans I can see and understand everything they're looking at. Hope things are going well for you have you had more scans? x

Hi ya Hun,

Sorry I thought I replyed to last message, I obviously never :-( your follies are doing well, it sounds good so far.. When have you got to do your late night trigger? I have another scan on Monday.. My stomach is feeling really bloaty at the moment..

I hope you get your collection Friday then at least you have the weekend to rest.. And you can tell me all about it..

The scans all look a bit of a blur to me... Probably be able to see lots of follies by Monday.. Keep me posted, so nice having someone just that little bit ahead!! X x

No worries! I've had my trigger tonight at 9:30pm so going in Friday around 8am. I felt really bloated too and feel huge today also as lovely as this is quite backed up lol. The scans looked like naff all to me at first too! I am excited and nervous. I also found I went all weird with the gonal f proper forgetful and dropping glasses all sorts!! But that might just be me. Will let you know how I get on :) x

Wow, how was the trigger shot? Hope all goes well Friday :-)

The Gonal F injections i think setting in now, feel a little fed up and a little grumpy (Just like PMT really) but it seems like Im needing attention at the mo, and fed up of bloody headaches and feeling tired constantly!!! Still im managing to drink my 2 Litres of water a day! I am excited just getting a little worried of OHSS as i have so many follies, and also wether I chose to put one or two back... x x x

I had headaches and was my version of pmt too with the gonal F which for me is blubbering at everything and anything! The trigger shot is the same as the gonal F. Still wishing I could go to the loo lol ugh! They're clearly watching out for you with your gonal F going down rather than up in dosage don't panic! Hm one or two is tricky I think given the choice I'd probably go for two even with it being a harder pregnancy if both take. To be honest I'm glad I don't have the choice, and also not even sure I'll get two that'd be viable. It's all getting close now! x

Good luck on Friday hope all goes well . X x

Everything crossed for you, Let me know how you get on please x x

Hi all done now with collection wasn't too bad just a bit achy. Got 5 eggs happy with that as I really thought it might be as little as 3. Probably going to be day 2 transfer rather than the 5 day one as our clinic likes you to have 4 fertilised eggs. Will find out tomorrow if they've fertilised xx

Wishing you all the luck and healthy embryos . We only had one which made it and every single odd was stacked against us yet we got a BFP yesterday so it only takes one hun !! Xx

MrsMarsh in reply to Magic80

Amazing news magic80 :-) x x x

LHow81 in reply to Magic80

:) so happy for you xx

Hi Hun, glad your ok... You will get calls now from embryologist every day won't you? To see how your little embryos are doing...

I have everything crossed for you..

I'm back on Monday to have my second scan, I'm starting to look pregnant my stomach is getting so bloated!!! Are you still struggling to go loo? Or you feeling better?

At least you now have the weekend to take it easy, we have a party up at Nottingham tomorrow night, not looking forward to being surround by loads of drunks I don't cope too well :-(

X x x x

They'll call me tomorrow and let us know how fertilisation went between 8-12 We'll be back in on Sunday if less than 4 have fertilised. Still not great with BM!! Using senakot. I felt bloated too. Drunk people when you're sober not great! Hope you can enjoy it. Xx

Hey all 5 of my eggs were good enough to be fertilized but only 3 took and we had to go the ICSI route as hubbys sperm count was lower than they'd like for IVF so I am back in tomorrow for the transfer. Hoping the other two eggs might be suitable for freezing so if this one doesn't go they way we want we've got 2 back ups waiting. We've been told to wait 18 days before testing it's going to be the longest two weeks of my life. Hope your night out wasn't too bad x

Wow how was transfer? Did you see your little embryo going back in?

You can email me as much as you like on your 2ww if it passes time away...

Party was ok, a bit of a struggle but got talking to a couple that have gone through IVF, she see me take my injections out of fridge and asked wether I was diabetic or going through IVF.. Lol no stopping us then, she had a little boy from her 2nd attempt, it passed some time away...

Scan tomorrow 8.15am hopefully my follies are getting bigger!!!

Can believe how quick you 2ww has come around! Get yourself something crafty to do, I was thinking getting paid by numbers or something silly like that on 2ww to Pass some time away

X x x

Transfer was fine to be honest I so badly needed to pee that I wasn't concentrating on everything else too much. Glad you found someone to talk to at the part y and it was a success story. I've heard from the hospital today and the they're still waiting to see how the other 2 eggs go. Only 11 days to wait now. And to be honest it's the calmest I've felt, I truly didn't believe we'd get this far with all the other problems we had and now I have a chance inside me and the fact that we'll get this far again if we have too. I am not banking on this one working although it'd amazing I am concentrating on the fact that we've achieved the chance. Good luck for Friday and Monday it moves so quickly at this point I know! x

Your sounding so calm and chilled, its brill... Its definatly all moving forward now. It will go quicker if you have that outcome. 11 days is not long at all compared to what we have waited to get to this point. Well its 10 days now.. :-)

My next worrying thing is hoping the eggs come on well. It looks like they will get a choice of eggs which is good, and if we are lucky enough to make it to 5 day blastocyst then we will have egg transfer over easter, which is lovely timing...

You will find out your result just as im starting my 2ww...

Take Care and enjoy chilling as much as you can x x

I am very much feeling like the pressure is off now. I know you know this but not every follicle has an egg just don't want you thinking you'll deffo get 10 eggs. Got to call the hospital later too find out what's happened to the other little embryos. Xxx

You can just chill now... Are you having progesterone pesseries? If so what is it like? Im not liking the sound of that, apparantly you have it after egg collection.

Yeah I know, I have about 28 Follicles altogether, about 10 has developed quite quickly and the others are taking there time. Bring on Friday now :-)

x x x

Ahh that's cool and that's a lot you must be feeling bloated!! Yeah I'm having the pesseries now they're not too bad a bit icky with all the residue that's left over didn't get any for the first couple of days but now there's quite a bit :(. One of the nice things though is you have to take a 15/20 minute ish walk. And it's been nice walking around the village with my husband. Luckily the weather has been nice. My other two embryos aren't looking like they'll be good enough to be frozen but we'll know for sure tomorrow. Xxx

I have a very big stomach and starting to look pregnant!! :-(

Do you have to take a 15/20 min walk after you have done the pesseries? my dog will enjoy that!!

What has the hospital said? are your embryos not developing enough? Fingers crossed they will fight, but this little embryo thats inside you will make it! Positive thinking :-)

x x x

Yeah after you've taken it to help your body absorb the progesterone. Your doggy will love it :) they told us to use it between 6-8 so we usually go after tea. Although have kept walking to the shop and buying chocolate lol. One of the embryos is only 3 cells and the other is at 5 they will freeze either or both but unless it's both I don't get to have a frozen cycle go. I'm being optimistic I think but I think I'll be ok either outcome. For me I think it's looking less likely it's worked this time. I'm crying at random stuff which is usually how I am the week before my period. 10 days to go bad then I'll know been thinking id rather get a negative and then bleed, but whatever will be will be. Xxx

You should still be thinking positive though!! You also cry early stages of pregnancy too!!

have you heard whats going on with your embryos?

That will be nice for a stroll, we have some lovely countryside walks where we are and it will be sunset time too...

Looking forward to my final scan on Friday I feel like im about to burst!!!

Do you think you will give in and test early? I really do hope this is going to work for you...

x x x

Every step of this we've only just made it seems. I can't believe we'll be lucky enough for it to work first time. One of our embryos failed and they'll freeze the other tomorrow if it's still ok. You're almost there now hope you get lots of really good eggs! I don't want to test early and get a false positive so going to try and wait, but not sure how that'll go. Only 9 days now though eh!! Xx

You've done really well staying positive throughout! I was a wreck. And you explained everything perfectly to the others. Wish I had known about this website a few years ago! My trips were an emotional nightmare! Keep us all posted. And if your pets start peeing on the rug every morning after you wee, hooray! Mine did every day from 6 days post ET until I figured out what they were smelling, and got them happy drugs.

Thank you filmgirl. The website has been hugely beneficial to me too. I don't think my cat is likely to pee on rugs but I'll keep an eye out. I'm finding a lot of side effects to the progesterone are the same as early stages of pregnancy my boobs are tender and I feel a bit sick this morning also felt a bit bloated but that could be chocolate related just done a bit more digging turns out apart from the bloating all the other signs don't happen till you're about 6 qeeks. As I've said I'm thinking this is not our time the side effects are annoying and misleading though!! Xx

Filmgirl101 in reply to LHow81

It took us 5 failed attempts. I was done, when hubby suggested one more go. It looked worse than the other attempts. I took the attitude that if it didn't work, it was because my baby was already here on earth. I just had to find her. Stay positive. Your time will come.

Just heard from the clinic that one of our eggs made it to blastocyst and has been frozen so that's good news although one is not enough to get a frozen transfer with at least if we get another it will be.

That is a bit horrible all the symptoms of pregnancy! It's not so bad if you knew you was pregnant as you would cope with it all... I don't understand the frozen egg? So incase this don't work this time (although it will work) you have to go through it all again to get more eggs?

Dog weeping on the rug?? My dog has just started doing that!! I can't believe she is starting to do that.... And I haven't even got an embryo transferred yet!!

We'll tomorrow last scan for me... I feel very uncomfortable and very tearful and snappy :-( I hope we are on schedule for Monday ec x

Filmgirl101 in reply to MrsMarsh

Both cats and dogs smell the hormone changes. My cat went really nuts just before I got the positive test and then for the next couple months. Happy pee cleaning!

We have to have 2 eggs for a frozen cycle as they only have a 60% chance of defrosting ready for a transfer so makes sense we need two. Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow I felt better almost straight away after having my eggs collected. Are you being knocked out for your collection? X

Thank you.. I'm going to be heavily sedated... Roll on Monday... It's probably going to work out that I'm having ET when you can do test x

If you get to blastocyst you sure will!! Fingers crossed :) xx

Lhow1 and Mrsmarsh... I have just sat and read through both your posts for past two weeks... I feel a bit nosey doing so but it makes me feel as though I'm not alone... I love this site because it just helps everything that we're going through take on a degree of 'normality' in our IVF world... It's emotional and difficult to explain to those not going through it.

I'm about to start the pill as part of dampening down phase as my periods were so irregular. I've never wanted my period to come as quick as I do this month!

Keep posting and sharing... It's amazing... You're so brave and strong... Fingers crossed it works x

Hey both, LHow81 you do get bloating in first few weeks too it's a good sign! I also had so many pregnant symptoms and they turned out to be true ! Not saying this is fool proof but keep an eye on your boobs - my Montgomery's came up and boobs went veiny and that was just the biggest giveaway for me. I just knew then. Good luck xxxx

Montgomery's?!? Lost me there it a lovely idea but just can't see it. Ty all for the positive thoughts on my behalf xx

I'm glad it's helping jsth and happy you're starting your journey :) I remember feeling the same way when I had to start taking the pill! All that time you hoped you'd not come on and then wanting it to start!! Not going to lie and I'm sure you've seen as you read these posts it's been a total roller coaster of emotions. I know everyone is telling me to be positive but I know in my heart we're not going to be lucky first timers! The most annoying thing is having to wait 6 months for the next go. Keep us updated with your news and rant away when needed xxx

This site is brill really, Myself and LHow81 have been chatting really since we thought we was going through things at the same time. But I got put on down regs for 2 weeks which changed things but just carried on chatting anyway. I remember LHow81 paitently waiting for AF it just wasnt happening!! I was on the pill for 3 weeks then on down regs and that bit dragged but once I started Gonal F it seems to be flying past. We are all here if you ever need a moan or advice.. :-)

Well latest for me - Had my last scan today and the nurse said im going along just as it states in text book... I have about 13 good Follies, and I will be doing my trigger shot on Sunday and go in on Tuesday for EC. I have brought home lots of drugs with me this time, which include these pesseries which I am really unsure of. I have to do one 1 morning and 1 of evening.

Just 7 more days to go till test :-) You are halfway there... My test is on the 29th April :-)

x x x x x

And what are Montgomery's?? :-s I'm on 2 powders for my trigger too not gonal f? X

Glad it's all going like clockwork for you :) I've had to stop the gel pessaries as they're irritating me and I'll be taking the same as you with that from tomorrow. My trigger shot was a pen like gonalf but the name now eludes me! As for taking the test early I guess a day wouldn't matter too much and I already bought more knowing is probably give in. Still can't see me getting the BFP but at least I'll know. Xx

Have they give u anything else to replace the pessaries? A lot of people do test the day before anyway... I start aspirin and antibiotics on Wednesday and start pessaries on Tuesday night doing them twice a day.. How are you feeling? Any signs yet? X

Yeah I've got the ones like you now before that I had a gel this is more like a capsules. Why are you taking antibiotics and aspirins? I didn't have to take those. Although think they might have given me antibiotics when I was knocked out :-/. Nothing so far still don't think there will be anyways. Not long now though x

How are you finding them? Are they better? I have to take antibiotics for risk of infection after ec and aspirin as apparently it helps implantation.... No not long now ... :-) x x x

Yeah much better no irritation now. Not sure if you're supposed to do the walking about but I have been as I can't see it doing any harm. The waiting is now starting to get to me. Xx

Thats good to know, that really is one thing im not looking forward too... and they say you should walk everyday anyway to keep the blood circulating... Well my trigger shot was done at 9.15 last night, mixing that up wasnt easy!! All systems go for EC tomorrow morning....

I bet the wait is horrible... Your not at work either are you? I would be going out of my mind...

I will be due ET on good Friday or Easter Sunday (im hoping for easter sunday of course)

I definatly need a good Egg for Easter!!! x x

No not at work but doing ok keeping myself occupied. It's not great. I'd take it as a good omen Easter time :)

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