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Rubella immunity and ivf?


I'm due to be referred for ivf however at my last consultation I was not immune to rubella so was sent for my second mmr jab (had the jab the first time when I was a baby). I know some people just don't become immune, if this is he case with me will I still be able to have ivf? I can't seem to finding out any information about this.

Thank you


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Hi I'm not sure if you found any information about this?? I had the same issue with rubella despite childhood vaccination. The fertility clinic will not consider treatment until I have this and my GP won't administer it unless I go on contraception for 3 months before and 3 months after!!!!! Really frustrated by this at the moment. I'm going to see the fertility clinic consultant to see if they can help by writing to GP perhaps....


Would he know if you actually took the prescription for contraception though? I know that’s sort of wrong to suggest and I’m sure he has suggested it for good reason but I just couldn’t help thinking it.

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I think the worry is the risk of rubella in my system while ttc and how that would affect a pregnancy. I was thinking the same about the pill but it would mean a delay of 3 months before getting the injection which was annoying me.... He has agreed to speak to fertility clinic about it so fingers crossed it will be sorted soon.


Maybe the fertility clinic would be willing to do egg collection and freeze embryos if you’re worried about time ticking on. I believe rubella only affects the pregnancy not your eggs.

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