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Should I try again?

That's it in a nutshell really. I'm 40, I have stage 4 endo and I've had three surgeries and probably need another one as the pain is back. Tried one cycle in 2015 and it failed but we then had to move countries. I'm very stressed by the idea of it failing. Mental health and work life have taken a battering and I've taken some time out. Any success stories? I may have a 10 percent chance of success. Also happy to hear of positive adoption/fostering stories. Just why does it have to be so hard :(

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I'm 38, severe endo which is on my ureter and all over there. Never got it excised as time was ticking to get ivf funding.

Only got one ovary and started ivf with an amh of 7.8. Currently coming up to 30 weeks from first treatment. Suppose their 30% chance was a little pessimistic.

Did you have a follow up consultation on your last cycle? Just wondering if they suggested trying anything else to get a better result.

We had the back up of adoption aswell. Kind of liked the idea of having an older child or children which would have fitted into our lives a bit better.


No real follow up on first round. The embryos were 3 days not blastos which I picked up on and my new consultant also wondered about. She seems to think your ovaries are less important than your womb, so maybe I have a chance.

Glad things worked out for you and thanks for your reply!

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