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Natural vs medicated cycle

Hi all

I am looking for some advice please.

After one failed fresh and one failed frozen cycle I have had a successful frozen (misscarrried at 6.5 weeks) and a chemical pregnancy last week.

I saw my consultant on Friday who assured us that it is good my body is falling pregnant and sadly most pregnancy's don't make it if you look at those that begin implantation .

She suggested a natural cycle next time...As I have regular 26 day cycles and haven't tried this yet. I was excited to try something new however now I have been thinking about it and discussing it with my husband we are nervous to change the protocol which has got us pregnant twice now. Initially I was using pesseries for the first cycle but got my period after 5 days post ET so was given injections in the subsequent cycles. The first (failed) FET I had my lining wasnt too thick.....The last two have been better and I've had more progesterone support so I am anxious to move to a natural cycle (although the Dr did say I'd have progesterone support so not 100% natural) now that we feel we have worked out what gets me pregnant....Of course I know the next cycle may not work even following what we've done for the last two.

Please can you offer your opinions? ❤

I have had blood tests for blood thickening, thyroid, cavity inspection and a hysterscopy...All of which are normal. My husband has obstructive azoospermia and that's why we're having ivf. We make lots of top quality embryos which go to day 5/6. As there is no evidence to suggest NK cells effect ivf success my clinic don't offer these...I have just had my karotyping tested and will get the results in 6 weeks...my husband has had these and all is normal.

Thanks all xxxx

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Hi Ang24816. Lots to think about when you have got so near but yet so far several times. I assume that from what you say, you do have some frozen embryos left? I canyou’re your specialist’s logic, as you have regular menstrual cycles, going with your own hormones naturally just may be the way to go. Obviously they will keep an eye on your endometrial lining before transfer, and proceed with the pessaries for extra support, until your “own” kicks in. That would make the cycle as natural as it could be. It does seem as if you do need that extra support, so I know I would have the progesterone afterwards. Lots to think about of course and I hope that all is well with your karyotyping results too. I shall be thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane. Appreciate your reply and support. Yea we have 7 frozen xx


Hi Ang24816. Brilliant! Then maybe time to let your body try doing it's own thing, and try a natural cycle with minimal intervention? I do have a couple of lists of questions I could send you to have a look through if you want, before you go back to see your specialist. Too long to add here, but you can email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org and I will send them to you. Most won't be appropriate, but there just maybe a couple you hadn't thought of asking. Diane


Thanks Diane. I will do x


We had a natural modified fet this time (with progesterone support) after a medicated fet the last time. I had concerns too but they assured me that if I needed extra support they'd be able to add that into the cycle xx


Thanks tugs. I don't have any side effects with the med so am scared to change things. Why did you opt for natural? Xx


Because on down regulation with the first fet I had the most awful headaches, even ended up visiting A and E (under Doctor's instructions) as my eyesight became affected. I just didn't want to risk going through that again despite getting a bfp at the end of it xx


I think that you should give it a go


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