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Taking a break...

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Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well...

I have decided I'm going to take a break for a bit.

I'm struggling a bit with my BFN a week ago as everything felt like it was falling into place, I had symptoms I hadn't had before etc. I totally understand that so many of you are going through bigger challenges than I am but I'm really struggling with it all and think I just need a break.

I have deactivated social media accounts due various announcements. I will still hang around in the background offering my congratulations and condolences when I can.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has commented where they can. This place is so amazing, everyone is sooo supportive and I will be back. I will keep an eye out for all your BFPs, as no matter how upset I get for me I am happy for every one of you as I can't think of anyone who deserves them more.

I wish everyone who's pregnant well and lots of luck and baby dust to those still trying for their dream


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Such a sweet post oregan! Yes this place is very supportive and definitely helps through the good and bad times. A break always helps. I took 6months off before I tried again. Take some time out and enjoy the things you used to. Big hugs xxxx

Thank you for replying...

I'm hoping it will help.

it can be hard to explain how some announcements upset me and some don't. None of the ones here seem to upset me, and I think that maybe because "were all in it together" so to speak, but the ones you don't expect, like the co worker who u didn't know was trying or the one who posts bump photos to fb or the person who got married after you who seems to just fall so easily for some reason do affect me.

I wish them all well and don't begrudge them their happily ever after it's just something I need to learn to deal with.

Thank you for your reply and as I said I'll be back


I know how you feel. I came off of all social media too and it made me so much happier.

Wishing you all the best for the future Hun x

I think we all need a break sometimes and to take some time to grieve for your loss. Good idea about deactivating social media, I feel that can sometimes do more damage when your already feeling low.

Look forward to seeing future posts from you, we'll all be here waiting. Take care xx

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kelsbels88 in reply to E_05

Thank you hun,

I think this month felt different and then wasn't so that took me a bit to get my head around and then a new pregnancy announcement just kind of sent me into floods of tears. I thought I was doing so well and then a co worker who got married after us is now 3month and just posted her announcement. I'll get there but it's just going to take me some time.

Thank you so much for your reply xxx

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E_05 in reply to kelsbels88

Definitely will take time, I still really struggle with pregnancy announcements on social media for similar reasons. I just feel everyone but me (although I never would announce it on social media) is having a healthy pregnancy.

Good for you for putting yourself first and taking time to 're build' xx

Don't be a stranger. Hope to see you back here soon when you're feeling much stronger xx

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kelsbels88 in reply to Tugsgirl

I won't be

I'll be watching for your updates 😊 xx

Look after yourself Oregan. It's so hard. A week after my bfn I was still in bits but it does get easier. The first two weeks were the most difficult. It will be good to take some time to yourself to do some of the things we can't do on this journey. Be kind to yourself. See you soon xx

Thank you

it is really hard I'm just going to take some time

I'll be back 😂

Xx 😘

Thinking of you and hope you will come back when you are ready. In the meantime, take great care of yourself and I hope it gets easier soon xx

Thank you Hun

I will. I know it will get easier I just need to focus on my ability to manage the emotions lol xx 😘

I'm sorry, it is so tough, and I think I break can sometimes be exactly what you need to get back on track xx be kind to yourself lovely xxx

It's ok

I'm just struggling emotionally that's all I'll get there

Thank you for replying xx

I totally understand, I had a negitive at end/start of this year, we was planning to do it again around now but now have decide to wait till next year, you can get so caught up in it all can't you that you just need time away from it all. Sending big hugs to you xx

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kelsbels88 in reply to Janer85

Thank you for your reply

I know if we get our dream baby it will all be worth it but the journey there is just such a roller coaster

Thank you 😊 xx

Take care, do what you feel is right for you! Hope to see you back when you feel ready!xx

Thank you lovely 😊

I'll be back just need a little while to regroup get my emotions in check 😂

I'll be in the background looking for updates 😉


Yes, that's defo the way forward! Just log in for a chat when you feel you can! Big hugs!xx

Thank you 😘 will do xx

Take care Oregan and see you back on here when you're ready xxx

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kelsbels88 in reply to 7AVA

Thank you I will xx 😘

Take all the time you need, but then dry those eyes get strong and come back fighting, you can do it, and you will achieve your goal, ❤️🌈💋💋

Such a lovely post thank you 😊

I will be back as you said stronger and I know I will eventually get to my goal as we all will xx 😘

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of course you are glad for the bfps but you are sad for you it hasn't happened for you yet.

if ttc is making you miserable then its the right thing to do to take a breather and come back when you are ready.

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kelsbels88 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply...

I just get upset by the ppl who seem to fall so easily when there is all of us who are struggling... I think I just need to get a better handle on my emotions and dealing with the pregnancy announcements


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Hidden in reply to kelsbels88

I know what you mean. Its bloody unfair the way some people get things easy yet for others its hard to come by.

Take care of yourself. Hope we see you back here soon.

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kelsbels88 in reply to mupcake

Thank you I will be back 😊


Take care hun and have some well deserved me time. It will happen one day hun, this journey is just so heartbreaking and un predictable. See you when your feeling a lot better. 🤗💗😘

Such a lovely msg thank you 😊

I will be back as I said I'll pop on now and then just to keep an eye on everyone in the background

I just need to get a grip on my emotions 🙈


I know what you mean hun. I'm always emotional and just keep around those that understand me. I'm a nightmare I cried at x factor last week 😂 take care hun. If you ever need to chat I'm here 🤗💗😘

Thank you Hun you may regret that offer lol 😂 🙈 xx

I won't don't hesitate I'm here whenever 💗🤗😘

Thank you means a lot xox

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