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Definitely a no

So I think my body was just confused from all the hormones as my cycle started today and oh my dear Lord does it hurt . Being at work and being in such pain was really not great. We are going to rest my body and start again in january. I I know this is the right thing to so but still makes me feel I've wasted another whole year with nothing to show for all the emotional stress this year. Just feel so empty but so hormonal it's hard not to cry

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So sorry to hear how you are feeling. I hope you rested when you finished work. If you need to cry, cry. Don't bottle it all up. Sending you lots of positivity. Xx

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Thankyou. I'm going to go to the docs and see if I can see a councilor to sort myself out as been struggling for a while x


Hi Lind1607. That's a good idea. You can access information about Support Groups in your area too,by going to our website fertilitynetworkuk.org and click on “How can we help you” – “For those trying to become parents” – support – fertility groups – England – then select the area you are looking for.

If your GP can't arrange any counselling, there is always the opportunity of telephone counselling. A charity called the “British Infertility Counselling Association” can be accessed at bica.net this is not a free service, but they are all specially qualified in counselling people with fertility issues. Don't be ashamed of crying, we all do it! Thinking of you. Diane


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