scan done :)

Had my baseline scan and trial ET and all was perfect :)

Ovaries have shut down like they were ment to and ET should be straight forward!

Every time i go to the clinic it hits me even more and it becomes that little bit more real eeekkkkkkk :D :D

Next steps, clinic is calling me tomorrow to tell me when to start menopur, they said usually take that for 2 weeks then egg collections :D

So from that info when do you think i should be taking the test? or dates of when the process will be sort of finished?

Good luck to all :) xx

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  • Hi Rubidge,

    When I started ivf last year, my first scan and injection was on 16th may and my test date was 4th July (50 days in total) but then it also depends on if you need extra scans nearing the end and how many days they take to fertilise your eggs, I had transfer on day 5 but I know some ladies had day 3 transfer so give or take a few days 😊

    Good luck xx

  • Hello, thank you for your reply!

    It feels like forever were going through this doesn't it! im hoping it will be early October i found out :) xx

  • It does feel like forever πŸ™ˆ but worth it for a bfp. Early October sounds about right 😊 fingers crossed xx

  • I have my baseline tomorrow so we are around the same time, I have provisional ec booked 13th sept. Obviously that depends on a whole lotta stuff but should be testing early October!

    Good luck xx

  • Oh good luck for tomorrow :)

    Thank you for the reply yeah im thinking early October it just cant come quick enough!!!xx

  • Thanks, I know, feeling nervous now, waited so long to start but now the times almost here I'm more nervous than ever! Keep in touch and good luck! Xx

  • You will be fine, i didn't even think about today's scan that much i thought it was gonna be like normal, in one of the rooms ect but we got taken to the ward i was put in a hospital gown and my partner had to put scrubs on that was the biggest shock of that day lol! then it was just like a smear and you see the catheter on the screen going in and they will just tell you if it will be an easy transfer and then they check your ovaries to make sure they have shut down :) xx

  • Just wanted to wish you luck lovely 😊 I was on the long protocol - my 1st down regging was the 2nd May & my test day was the 27th June. I had to down reg for an extra week as AF was late & then had to stimm for an extra 2 days but that was just me! Fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • Thank you for your reply :) im so happy that its so close now i just keep thinking hopefully 1 more month then i will know!! :D xx

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