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FET - What happens??

Hi, I had ivf last year and had a beautiful baby girl in Jan this year ( she's my little mirical) I have 2 frozen embryos, which i Sam hopeing to try nxt year.

Just wondering what actually happens, and what drugs / injections etc I would need to take this time for a frozen transfer and how long the process takes.

We don't get the frozen goes on the NHS which we originally were told we would so we will have to go private.

If someone who has had a FET could shed some light on what happens please feel free to reply.

Thanks so much x

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Think they all vary slightly, on my FET I had to use patches for a couple of weeks to thicken my lining then after scan and the all clear that it was thick enough I started pessaries and injections (the injections where an extra because of previous loss) then 5 days later had ET followed by the 2ww xx

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Thanks Hun . How r u xx

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All good thanks, starting to bloom 😀😀


We have a Frostie and asked the clinic what happens. They said it's about £1500 for fet treatment but there were a few posts on this recently with people asking and Diane said you can shop around and take your Frosties to the best clinic for you.

If you do a search you might be able to pick up the thread discussing it.


I started my frozen round yesterday. My clinic starts on day 1 of cycle, im on Progynova 8mg per day for 11 days, another scan next week, if all is well i start pessaries also and then ET will be 5 days later. All seems very straight forward compared to fresh.

Good luck with your cycle xxx


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