How soon after transfer

How soon after transfer is it safe to have intercourse, I was meant to ask the nurse but was a bit embarrassed to ask such a question. Is it best to wait until after the 2 weeks and would it interfere with the pessaries being absorbed. I know my partner is feeling the strain of all the emotion of me going through the ifv and I don't want him to feel pushed out and go with out effection and I think I'm needing it too.

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  • I'm not certain but I think they recommend not having intercourse during the 2ww, if it's successful I think it's recommend to wait until your first scan. Good luck xxx

  • Hi, not for at least 2 weeks. Good luck! xx

  • Thankyou for the information, I did think that. What our poor oh's go through to and with out xx

  • I think it's best to refrain in the tww because of infection risk but after that gentle sex is supposed to be fine and safe 😊 Xx

  • I was told no sex or hot baths till after the OTD, and that was 15/08

    Still haven't done either I'm too scared lol.

    (I've showered just in case you was wondering lol)

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