Positive experiences please on FET

Hello lovely ladies and I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

After our second failed cycle with a 5 day grade b transferred, we are booked in next month for another frozen transfer. Gotta be in it to win it, no?

We only have grade Cs in the freezer. I was after success stories of these being transferred? Can anyone give me a bit of positivity?


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  • Can't give you any success stories but just wanted to share that we've just started medicated FET cycle. Good luck to you, hope this little frosty is your time xx

  • Ahh amazing!! When will you have your transfer do you think? Good luck to you too xx

  • I think it will be beginning of October - seems to take ages on a medicated but at our hospital they prefer that route to natural xx

  • Hi, I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant after a FET. It seemed like the odds were against us because my lining was thin (less than 7mm) but it worked! I had a 5 day embryo and I think it was grade B.

    Wishing you lots of luck. X

  • Thank you and congrats on your BFP xxx

  • my fet was a positive after a fresh failed top grade hatching blastocyst. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for the good news story and congrats xx

  • We had a failed round of ICSI with a 5 day embryo. We had 2 remaining 5 day embryos, not sure of the grade as my clinic doesn't really say. Was just told they were top grade otherwise they wouldn't have been frozen. We then had a successful FET in 2014 and now have a beautiful daughter. I am currently taking medication for our last FET to use our remaining embryo. We are expecting the transfer to happen in week beginning 11th Sept. I have heard, unsure if it's true or not, that FET can be sometimes more successful as your body is not recovering from the trauma of egg collection that you would experience from a fresh round.

    Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts for your journey πŸ’•

  • Yes I heard the same. It's less stressful on the body. Will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Good luck everyone. We're coming up to having a FET in Sept, after our first after failed DE fresh transfer. Wondering the same as you xxx

  • Good luck with your FET. Maybe we'll have similar timings. Keep in touch!! Xx

  • Thank you. Will do and you too. How you doing? Xx

  • Hi there, my little girl was one week old yesterday, the result of a natural FET after a failed cycle, and she's perfect! Xx

  • Awww eeek amazing news!!!! Congratulations and enjoy her xxx

  • Hiya, I'm now 12wks pregnant after an fet with a 5d blast...think grade was 4bc. Had a fresh cycle with a 5aa 3 day embie in march which resulted in a bfn...so u really can't tell by the grade. Good luck! πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€

  • Great example thank you so much for giving me some positivity. Congrats on your BFP and hope it continues to go well xxxx

  • Don't worry about the grading. It's no sign of genetic competence of the embryo. So your grade C's are probably the good ones. Good luck x

  • I am currently 13+6 after natural FET with a 4bc 5 day blastocyst. Good luck xx

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