Game over take two

Sadly I have got my AF again after 5dp5dt. This happened exactly on the same day as last time. I am guessing I will be told to carry on with my meds still. I am so disappointed and really thought it would work this time as embryo was a blastocyst and b+/b+ grade. We have two blastocysts in the freezer so hopefully we can try those next, there only average quality though. So lucky that we are Camden so should be able to do the FET on the NHS. Wishing everyone else on their 2WW positive pregnancy tests. 🀞Xx

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that Emily7, all the best for next time xxxxx

  • So sorry hun. Xx

  • So sorry to hear this xxx

  • I'm so so sorry to read this. I feel like I may be following you. I feel AF pains and am due any day. This process is so cruel.

    I am thinking of you. Words really can't heal the pain after investing so much of yourself. But really pleased you look ahead to your frosted waiting for you.

    Take time to heal. Message me anytime. Xxx

  • Thank you, I really hope you won't be getting AF. Xxx

  • Thank you xx it feels too much like AF. But all I can do is wait. I'm always here. Take care X

  • Sorry to hear this big hugs πŸ€— xx

  • So sorry sweetie. It's such a cruel path at times. I'm hoping for more success with your frozen embryos. xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear this Emily :( such a hard thing to go through. Take your time to process your feelings, it's such a difficult journey. I wish you all the best xx

  • Sorry to hear this! I had the exact thing happen on two of my cycles, bled 7dp5dt and its crap! Sending you big hugs!xx

  • Don't give up hope yet!!

    Our daughter has just had her second BFP after a 5 day bleed that started 7dp5dt. She got a BFN on the first day of bleeding and was certain it was her usual AF as it was a completely typical pattern for her. She was completely shocked when testing on her OTD to find a BFP! The one taken today is a much stronger line than the first so we're cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed for you🀞🏼xxx

  • Sorry to hear that Nd sending you hugs but keep taking the meds. May be implantation bleeding xx

  • Thanks all. Im 99% sure it hasn't work especially as my AF started on day 5 last time but will carry on taking the meds and avoid alcohol. Just treated myself to a large wedge of chocolate and banana cake :) Xxx

  • Sorry to hear your having bleeding 😒 This happened to me with my first cycle at 7dp5dt 😒 It's heartbreaking. Some people have had bleeding and have gone on to have a positive so keeping everything crossed for you 🀞🀞 xxx

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