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Follicle confusion


Hi, I've been on the forum for a couple of months but this will be my first post because I have managed to get so much help and support from others posts that I've not needed to but I could really do with some advice to stop me from worrying!

I started buserelin on the 7th and my bleed started as expected on the 10th. I went for my baseline scan on Weds morning and was expecting to see no lining or follicles - based on what had been explained to me in meetings prior to treatment starting.

The scan showed a very thin lining as expected but 5 follicles ranging from 5mm to 10mm. I was a little surprised by this. The nurse said that I'd had a buserlin flare which happens sometimes and simply told me to start Menopur two days later than planned.

I'm sure all is fine but I've not seen anyone mention this on the forum before so I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced something similar? It has been playing on my mind since the scan and I can't help worrying about my follicles progressing too fast/much or experiencing OHSS!

TIA xx

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Hi, SeniorPhipps ! Sorry, but I don't understand completely where you are now in your process? Are you being stimulated and waiting for the punction, right? Hope everything will go smooth with it..

SeniorPhipps in reply to crlnbr

Hi Crlnbr, I will be starting the stim drug Menopur tonight. I have been down regging with buserelin since the 7th. It was the result of the scan after down regging that surprised me. If all goes well I will be due for egg collection on the 3rd, fingers crossed. Once started it goes so quickly!!

Thanks for your support 🙂 x


Hi SeniorPhipps. Just wondered whether you will still continue with the Buserelin for a bit when you start the Menopur, just to protect those follicles against ovulating. I'm sure all will be OK but perhaps another scan in a few days to check that all is OK?? Good luck. Diane

Hi Diane, thank you. Yes I continue with the buserelin and only on 225 menopur as of tonight. My next scan will be on Weds morning so I'll have my fingers crossed until then.

I think it was just a shock to see any follicles growing - let alone a 10mm one. It threw me slightly.


DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to SeniorPhipps

Hi SeniorPhipps. Phew! That sounds OK to me. Good luck with the scan on Wednesday - hopefully all will be going to plan. Thinking of you. Diane

Ah thank you, that makes me feel much better - it's amazing what your mind can do when you have a niggling doubt or query 😊


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