Hi all, I am on day 5 post 5dET and I am going mad! My appointment for pregnancy testing is not till next Monday, don't know if I can wait that long. Although I am hoping and praying for a successful cycle, part of me cant help but be anxious about the result. I am over thinking about any symptom my body is having but nothing. I felt a few cramps and twinges a few days ago but now nothing. Is anybody else going through this/or has been through this? I am thinking of doing a HPT at the end of the week, or is that too early?

Any advise?


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  • Hi Summan I know it's torture isn't it? Just remember there is no right or wrong way to feel physically wise, as it could be side effects of medication or after affects of treatment.

    If you can try and hold out till your date I would. Good luck I really hope it works for you xxx

  • Thanks Daisy, I am hoping I can hold out! It is torture, my emotions are all over the place. Anyway thanks for your message. xxx

  • Hi summan I'm also 5dp5dt today! You're not alone and I keep checking symptoms, it's hard not to. Really want to wait if poss. You're lucky, our test is weds 16th! Keep the faith 😊Xx

  • Hi, ahh wow! We are both in the same boat! I am going to try and wait! Good luck to you too! xxx

  • Put a feel good film on, do some lovely baking or grab a book and relax! It was my dh who was going mad this time as I tried to keep my brain occupied with other things to do. I said I was going to be good and not test early but managed to get to day 13 - couldn't take dh requests to "pleasssseeee testtttt I neeeeeeeeed to knowwwwww" lol. Good luck to you both for test days, sending lots of dust your way! Xx

  • Ive been watching loads of films! Think ive used a month supply of NOW TV lol! Good luck to you too. xxx

  • Now TV has turned into my best friend lol!! I tested last week and got my bfp so am over the moon! From some of the other comments, I've not experienced any implantation bleeding either xx

  • I'm 10dp3dt ;) it's torture.

    Made banana bread, doing a jigsaw, colouring, watched 5 series of downton Abby .... Otd not till 18 days pt on the 15 th march ;)

  • It is torture but least your keeping busy, in a weird way it feels good that other people are feeling the same I do! Watch 'The Affair' seasons on NOW TV, there worth a watch! Good luck. xxx

  • Great, will have a look x

    11days, 7 more til test day

  • Mine is sat x starting to feel anxious now as need to get myself in place to cope if negative x I've had no signs the off twinge cramp but that's the pessaries I'm sure x no implantation bleed so I'm I'm sure it's not worked x

  • You never know, keep positive, some women say it is very early to have symptoms so you could be pregnant, just wait for the test and see what happens. I understand about being anxious as I am feeling it too, I have had no implantation bleed but then it doesn't happen to everyone. Keep positive and good luck. xxx

  • I've had no implantation bleed either xx

  • Nor have I, wonder if that's a good or bad sign! xxx

  • Hi Kat9lives, we are now on 7dp5dt, I am tempted to test this Friday although my follow up isn't till next Monday. Have you taken a HPT? xxx

  • Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my message, I feel better knowing I am not the only one and that my feelings are justified if you all have similar feelings too! I thought I was going mad! Good luck ladies, hopefully we all get a BFP :-) xxxx

  • Good luck! Try not to test early if you can. Fingers crossed for you 😊 X

  • I am going to try! thanks hun, good luck to you too. xxx

  • Think I'll be out by tomo. Didn't even make it to otd ! Just put a pessarie in and there was a little bit of blood. In way to work so just going to buy a test now as I did have 2 embies put in but I knew it wouldn't work. Now have to do it again .... really sad to tell me other half and people around me xx gutted !

  • Have you taken the test Kc21? How do you know it hasn't worked?


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