Suffering from Oligospermia. Am I really infertile?

I've been suffering from Oligospermia (low sperm count) since 2016. I married my wife in February 2015. Before marriage, I had a casual relationship with few girls. That was something like friends-with-benefits (FWB). I made two girls pregnant in my past. It means my sperm count was good enough at that time. But that was the past, and it can never come back. We've been TTC since 2016, but no luck so far. When we consulted our doctor, she ran some tests. The report said that my wife has no problem, i.e. she's fertile. But I'm the one who has the fault. I've already tried everything to increase my sperm count, but nothing worked for me.

People are suggesting me "sperm donation". Is it the only solution? Does medical science provide any help to me? The problem is that we're still childless, and now we desperately want at least one.

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  • Has anyone suggested ICSI IVF? If you have some sperm then ICSI should be possible- try to stay positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle, remember it only takes 1 sperm.

  • Hi, gosh no not yet I would say. I would at least give ICSI a go using your sperm. That's where they select your best looking sperm to use for fertilisation. I'd definitely explore that option first. Also, it might seem like you've been trying for a long time but in reality, a year isn't that long. My hubby and I are on 5 years now. Try not to lose faith and do ask your gp to refer you to your local assisted conception unit. I'm sure there are definitely steps you can take before going down the donor sperm route. I'm so sorry you're struggling with this. Infertility completely sucks. xxx

  • My apologies if I have caused offence to anyone. I have never intended to be rude to someone on this site. I was only trying to offer some reassurance by sharing my own heartbreaking story. I'm afraid perhaps I didn't use the correct scientific terminology. I am absolutely devastated that someone thinks I am capable of purposefully causing hurt to those already suffering.

  • Totally get it that's what we do share our own dilemma in the hope it could guide another person or at the very least help them, don't feel like you offended anyone am sure it wasn't taken that way either...

    I wish you well after even if some have been lucky we have all trodden the same unlucky path and for some of us still trodding that path sadly.

    Hope, faith , reassurance is all we have until it happens xxxx

  • I don't think you came across as rude in slightest. You offered good advice, as usual. You're right, a year isn't that long according to medical professionals, hence why you are advised to start seeking help after a year of trying without success. Xx

  • Nobody wants to fight with you.

  • Gia9s

    I do t think it was meant that way when Mrs C expressed her dilemma. I wouldn't have made her feel that either....

    Feels like we are losing the sense of family on here, support comes in many forms such as own experience and expression....

    I felt it rude you needed to pick that out and express in it

  • 👏👏👏

  • Like a lot of people on this forum, I have always found MrsC to be empathetic, kind, hopeful and nice.

  • No problem Gia91. Simmer down😊

  • Hi Phillipppo81. As the others have said, there could always be the possibility of treatment via ICSI using your wife's eggs and your sperm. You need to get a proper referral to a fertility specialist to discuss your options. I wish you well with whatever is decided. Diane

  • Hi, no definitely not! My husband has the same condition, he only produces a small amount of sperm and at first good and motile now less motile. But we have a 2 years old conceived via ICSI, and after a miscarriage we are now 10 weeks pregnant with no 2, so do not just go down the donor route. do you mind me asking do you manage to produce some sperm in your samples, some motile? When you say you have tried everything, what have you tried, which supplement/life style changes? These def helped my husband, and co enzyme q10 was a key supplement as greatly improves sperm motility, he did cut out alcohol and caffeine too, and eat a very clean diet.

  • AFAIK, Oligospermia and infertility are not at all synonymous. But I've heard many times that it can cause infertility in men. Infertility issues in men and women are very different. Men just have one thing to care about, and that's sperm. You have low sperm concentration (sperm count), it doesn't mean you're infertile. I've heard that only one sperm is enough to fertilize the egg, so you just need one good egg.

    Anyway, what does your doctor suggest? Doesn't she suggest you ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)? It might be helpful. Before you can take help of a sperm donor, try ICSI IVF. You should definitely visit a fertility clinic nearby you.

  • Hi, my husband had poor quality sperm. He stopped drinking alcohol altogether , takes selenium , zinc , vitamin b complex ( as directed by consultant). And his sperm was then completely normal. We have just had ivf . Also my best friends husband has low sperm count and they successful had a son 8 years ago through ICSI. X

  • Try co enzyme, and ginseng include wellman pre-conception pills too x

  • Thanks to all of you for replying to my post, I really appreciate it. Actually I forgot to mention earlier that my first ICSI was failed. I don't know why but I can't make good sperms. I've already changed my lifestyle, no alcohol or tobacco. Even I'm doing regular yoga, and eating healthy food. My doctor always says that I shouldn't be hopeless. ICSI may fail, but when it works it works like a magic. He thinks we should try it one more time. Does it really happen, I mean ICSI failure?

  • Yeah, sometimes it happens that first ICSI fails. I don’t think it’s something you should worry about. After all, it’s just an IVF treatment. It’s nowhere written that medical science never fails. All what medical science can do is trying its best. There’s no harm in trying it again. You should visit a good fertility clinic this time. But unluckily if the ICSI treatment fails again and again, this means the infertility is quite severe. You’ll need to use donor’s sperm.

  • Last week, someone shared this link with me -

    Through this link, I came to know about BioTexCom. It's actually a fertility clinic at Kyiv, Ukraine. I've gone through the website and read all the useful information given there. The very next day, I contacted them via email. And within 2 hours, I received a phone call from the concerned department. I discussed my problem with one of their fertility specialists. They've asked me to visit their clinic so they can see what can be done. I also discussed this with my doctor. She says there's no harm in paying them a visit. I've never heard about the clinic before. But my doctor, being in the same profession, has heard about it a lot. So this is really good for me. Now I'm hoping for the best.

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