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Hi all, just wanted to ask a quick question? I was due for a dye and lap test last week which was cancelled last minute due to my doctor running late (grrr - but that's another story!)

My other half has had 2 semen analysis already requested by our GP, both came back with not-so-great results...

My gynaecologist (who is conducting my lap and dye) asked for my partner to complete a third semen analysis, which is fine, booked for a couple of weeks time... but who will my partner contact for the results, and filling in his forms, who referred him?

Sorry if this sounds a bit complicated, and I don't even know who to call for an answer either. X

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Hi Aimee. Sorry your laparoscopy didn't go ahead as planned last week. What a let down! Trusting it goes ahead soon. All the best for it. I had one and dye as well back in June. My husband also had to have a semen analysis. He got his results by contacting the GP. The doctor went over results on the phone. We got a copy of the results and gave them to our fertility specialist. Maybe this isn't helpful as may only be practice of our own gp surgery.


Do ask your gp and he/she should be able to help you with any queries.x


Thanks lovely xx I just wasn't sure as the first two analysis were from a referral from the GP so we did automatically get calls from them although this was just my gynie who suggested he go for a third time.

Thanks, my lap and dye is rebooked for a couple of weeks time so not too bad.

Whoever knew making babies could be so complicated!!

Hope you're lap and dye went ok Hun xx


Sorry your lap was cancelled I can understand how frustrating that must of been. I would think if your gynaecologist has requested your partner do another analysis then they should be contacted for the results unless they've said they'll be forward to your GP. Have you got a number you can contact them on for clarification? X


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