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Hi, oh has azoospermia. Don't know if it's from his varicocele or because he had mumps and orchitis at age 21. Had varicocele embolised at end of June. Currently waiting for sperm test at end of Sept. just wondered if anyone has any experience of either cause but with azoospermia, not partial inferility. Any experience would be greatly appreciated! Positive or negative 😊

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  • Hey hun

    My OH has azoospermia he had a successful sperm retrieval in May this year. We were told that he has abnormalities with his tubes. Following the retrieval we underwent our 1st round of ICSI. Unfortunately we didn't get our BFP but we transferred one and have 3 little frosties waiting for us. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Wishing you loads of luck xx

  • Wow congrats on the sperm retrieval! We will be over the moon if we get that. Sorry to hear about the result of ICSI, I'm sure you will be successful in the future 😊 It sounds incredible what they can do now. How long did it take for you to have ICSI from the final sperm test? Thanks for the reply - first time I have ever chatted to someone else who has experience of azoospermia.

  • Thanks hun. We really have come so far and we are in a better position then we ever expected or could have imagined. Fingers crossed for the future! We decided to go privately due to the time scales so sorry I can't give you an answer about that. Feel free to chat as much as you want xx

  • How long did it take when you went privately? We are considering it! Thanks very much. First time I've ever posted on a forum, so grateful for how helpful people are!! Xx

  • In total about 12 months. However to be honest we waited for the NHS with a lot of stuff. I wish we had gone privately as soon as we had been given the diagnosis. Once we contacted our clinic things happened really quickly. It was less than 3 months between contacting them, the retrieval and starting treatment. You will find some truly lovely people on here xx

  • My OH has unexplained azoospermia. He had a successful sperm retrieval in January and our first round of ICSI was successful. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and we are over the moon! Our cycle was NHS funded (thanks god we didn't have to wait too long...) and the fertility clinic we went to was brilliant - yes this is true, this is amazing what they can do now! I'll keep the fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for replying!! Which clinic did you go through? Hope you don't mind me asking. Absolutely massive congratulations on the pregnancy, the best news ever!! ❤️ X

  • Hi, my husband didnt have azoospermia, but he has severe oligospermia, but I wanted to comment as my husbands we believe was caused by mumps, he lost a testicle at 17 and we dont know what his count was after that, but when he got mumps he did have testicular atrophy from the one remaining teste, which has never recovered. But he does produce some sperm, and most cases I have found of mumps orchitis, has some but not much sperm, hoping this gives you hope that once the test comes back there may be hope for you guys. We hae a 2 years old ICSI miracle, we lost one, and i am 10 weeks with no 2, so it can happen and I pray for you both xx

  • Thanks for replying. This is why I don't understand why my oh has complete azoospermia as his testicles aren't that small. His brother lost a testicle through mumps and he too has severe oligospermia, rather than azoospermia. Congratulations on your previous pregnancy, fingers crossed for your next one! How did you find the whole ICSI process? X

  • That sounds like a good sign though! Hopefully he will get some back once he's recovered! I have to say I have no clue after everything my hubby's been through he had any, def a miracle!

    First ICSI was easy really, I had no side effects to any drugs. Also down regulated on holiday, which I highly recommend made the whole thing easy & I could rest as much as I needed. Second time they upped my dose I had terrible side effects, and got ohss, and honestly due to hubby's motility being poor now our embryos weren't great, whereas first time they were top grade. Nearly had the cycle cancelled, as embryos slowed down after day 3, classic sperm issue. But miraculously we made it to day 5, with 1 average embryo, lucky for us I ironically seem to be very fertile, I've got pregnant 3/3 times. But it's all so worth it!!! Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

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