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Greater Manchester Area Azoospermia Meetup?

Hi there all , just wondering if there are any informal meet ups in the Manchester area, cafes, bars , libraries, anywhere!?

Myself and my wife have been through 1 Micro-tese and it was unsuccessful, so our fertility journey is now complete, as of January 20th this year. It was 2 years of hell, and initially after the treatment finished we felt relief (despite wifey being hospitalised with OHSS!) -but now I really would benefit from speaking to people in the same position we now find ourselves in. Talking to a counsellor is not the same as speaking to people who have actually been through it! even just to laugh at the ridiculous unfairness of it all! I personally feel extremely isolated at suffering with Azoospermia , and would , i think benefit from speaking to even just one other man/couple who knows what this is like!

This would seriously help me more than seeing 100 counsellors!, as it is becoming harder and harder to deal with my shame /guilt/embarassment on my own. I know other guys may have these feelings about Azoospermia too , but I certainly don't know anyone in my circle of friends or family who has gone through it.

Thanks so much for listening, best of luck to all!


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Hey, sorry to hear that you're struggling. My husband had a very low sperm count and he was devastated, although we had a friend that has azoospermia, they opted for donor sperm and eggs and have a little girl. Its not every man that likes to open up about these things but hopefully you can find someone for support! I cant help with the meeting up thing but I do know that another website called fertility friends has a "mans corner" if nobody comes back to you on here! All the best x


thanks for the advice . I may give fertility friends a shot. I'm sure there are others out there in my / our position. We find that we are having up and down days lately, with me having most of the down days! however-distraction is a good tactic, i.e. keeping busy and planning things. trying to move on. the good weather is helping too. best of luck Cinderella5

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I just want to say I'm really happy to have seen this post. I'm originally from the Greater Manchester area but we are living closer to London now. My DP has been diagnosed with azoospermia and it is so difficult getting him to talk to anyone! He also struggles with me talking to people. Although we are still at the start I think would do him good to talk to someone so open. So here's a thank you and I hope you do find another guy - couple to talk too xx


thanks for the support, I'm glad the post may be of some benefit to you. I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but things do improve, and in our case we've learnt to adapt quicker than we thought. anyway thats our story, your just beginning yours so I don't want to compare-I wish you the best of luck with everything,I mean that from the bottom of my heart . it is some a stressful journey to be on!

god bless


I don't know if you've tried already but search for the group More To Life. Though it's not very active I've found it really helpful. I do want to say It's not your fault. I married my husband knowing we would struggle to conceive. Though it turns out we have unexplained infertility we're not convinced it doesn't have anything to do with his chemo treatment 15 years ago. Come back and let us know how you get on. I hope you're feeling better soon. Have you tried joining Elefriends?

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Sorry for late reply. Thanks for you suggestions. Very kind of you to remind me it's not my fault. Deep down I know this but it still comes up in my mind as me being to blame etc for the way things turned out. I will check moretolife and the other one too. Best of luck and thanks again



Realised I just signed off my post with my real name! Damn! lol


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