How am I supposed to feel?????

13 eggs collected yesterday! ! Only 8 suitable for icsi and only 2 fertilised! !!! Have to phone a 9.30 2morro incase they want to do a 2 day transfer. I'm soooo scared as they always talk 3 - 5 day transfer so this has my emotions all over the place thinking the worst ... am I being selfish? ? Just praying again for another 24hrs x

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  • Wishing you all the luck in the world 🍀🍀

    Know it's hard but try think positive

    Big hugs as it's a really hard time the waiting to know xx

  • Everything crossed for you x

  • And you xx

  • My clinic offer 2 day transfers as standard as they believe the embryos are better inside you than in a laboratory. Its quality over quantity. All the best with your transfer and 2ww hope it's successful xoxo

  • Thank u xx

  • Do not feel selfish! You have just been through hell and the next two weeks are tough. You are upset and justifiably so. I will be praying for a god outcome for you. Big hug. xxx

  • Thank u.xx

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow xx

  • Good luck xx

  • Good luck x

  • On my first round, I only had one fertilise so they put it back in straight away (2day transfer). They said that inside me was the best place for it. I think they only try to get them to five days as it gives them a better have of picking the best one from a selection. If you don't have a selection then it's best for them to be back inside your womb. I hope that helps. Xx

  • *better chance not better have! Sorry, phone typing!

  • Thank u x I phoned again this morning and they're leaving them until 2morro as like u say so they can pick the best one. Thank u so much. Think I realisenow that it's because they were only 2 and not more. I thought the worst xx

  • Ems Don't be so scared and you are not selfish at all. Have faith in god and be confident . I know its a very hard time for you .......... Be strong and everything will be fine . Wishing you a good luck !!!!

  • Hi, not exactly the same, but I had a cycle which didn't go as expected! I had 22 eggs, only 12 mature and 6 fertilised. I was gutted, but tried remaining optimistic, got a call day 4 should be at morula stage, one at 10 cell two others 6-8 cells. I cried all day in my head I wouldn't get to transfer. I spent the day looking at treatment abroad. Next day somehow had 1 grade C but early blast she another not far off, by the time we went to transfer it was grade b and the other early blast. I'm now 9+2 with one baby. So have faith xx

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