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in despair

Hi sorry to rant but i had a faint positive then started bleeding so guessing it was a late cycle its happened once before but it still breaks me. To add to it all I have just rang my clinic to be told not to expect a letter to have the education session about the ivf drugs and injections until this time next year! I was told by my consultant that we should start treatment by the end of this year. So we have another year to wait at another hospital? Everytime i ring I get different information and answers so I don't know what to believe. This morning they have sent out another request for my husband to do another seman analysis test in September yet he has already done the required amount what the consultant originally requested, so I am waiting for them to phone back as to why they have requested another maybe more bad news which will just be great! So we are feeling rather rubbish about the whole process we already wasted a year at one hospital before being referred for ivf at another which is a 12 month wait and having to repeat all the tests again. I just don't know what to do with myself and whether i should get a second opinion and how? I truly believe that we will never have a family of our own and to make matters worse my closest friends are pregnant so not like I can speak to them. I am off to see my gp this morning to see if they can help but they will probably just throw the happy pills at me like last time.

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Oh lovely I'm so sorry about your loss. I have just had my miscarriage confirmed last week at the scan. I had a positive test and a day later strated bleeding after six years of TTC it was a cruel blow! As horrible as it is take the positive if you can-i you can conceive with infertility that is the battle getting pregnant. If you've done it once I'm sure you can do it again. So many women have miscarriages but most do go on to have a healthy baby. Just because it happened this time doesn't mean it will again. I read an interesting article from BBC news- it states there is evidence that women who conceive within 6 months following a miscarriage are less likely to suffer another one. That makes complete sense- it's nature's way of compensating the loss life is a powerful thing.

My consultant put me on Prednisone ( low dose steroids,) as I have slightly raised NK cells to take from positive test to 12 weeks and when I bled he agreed to give me progesterone pessaries to take till 12 weeks. And no I didn't have iVF treatment I fell naturally after my endo was treated.

Could your GP or Fertility specialist prescribe any medication to promote a better outcome next time? Baby aspirin progesterone pessaries etc ?

I have contacted my consultant again to see if there is anything else he can do to help a more successful outcome- you see I bled @7 weeks heavily on my first pregnancy but the baby was remarkably ok ( and if you met my son you'd understand 😉) and obviously this recent loss. He's on holiday till end of August but I will let others on here know his response in case it maybe helpful.

As there was of evidence of a Pregnancy left I have been given the go ahead to try when my next period begins 😊

I also self referred myself to steps to wellbeing to help- I'm feeling better but it might help talking to someone whose not emotionally involved in the situation. Could that be of help to you?

Also there is a miscarriage association helpline that you can talk to - it's open mon-fri 9-4. I have contacted them and they are ever so nice.

This journey is unbelievably difficult and to suffer a miscarriage after infertility is cruel.

I don't know what to suggest with your clinic- maybe air your concerns to the GP? They might be able to act on your behalf.

If you want a chat feel free to in box anytime xoxo

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So sorry to read this, I can't be much help but another year of waiting seems particularly harsh to me! I'd go for a chat with your GP and see if he can help.

In the meantime keep trying and try to take the fact that you have conceived as a positive thing, I understand how hard this must be to do.

Thinking of you xxxx

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Thanks everyone for ur kind comments. Unfortunately my gp wasn't much help they just gave me a number to ring to have counselling rang them and can't speak to anyone until 6th November. I'm wondering if there is any fertility counselling available I will ring my clinic to ask them x


I'm sorry your GP wasn't supportive. Mine wasn't great when I rang him- I have had lots of cramping and bleeding- there was no sorry for the loss just oh god another one- no doctor just the one loss...

I would definitely ring your clinic- I rang mine and they were so nice.

Ask to about any additional medication for next time. My GP wouldn't have given me any but my consultant was happy to issue Prednisone and progesterone pessaries.

I think your clinic should offer counseling.

Im sure your clinic will be very supportive of you. xoxo


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